Forza Horizon 5 Series 3 Spring Treasure Hunt Guide: Unlock rumour & treasure chest location

Thursday in Forza Horizon 5 means a new Festival Playlist, and the one for Series 3 spring has a new treasure chest to find!

This one is tricky to unlock and takes some exploring to find. But this guide will get you there!

Unlocking treasure chest rumour

As ever, the initial clue for the treasure hunt is cryptic.

The text reads "You'll need to get defenderously high to prove you're five star rated". Decoded, it means you need to get 5 stars on danger sides in the Land Rover Defender 2020.

FH5 treasure hunt
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Given it is a slow and lumbering car this will take a couple of runs at signs to get, but once you do the rumour will unlock. Don't ditch the Defender right away though, you'll want it to discover the chests location.

Treasure chest location

The rumour will take you deep into the jungle in the south of the map, in the shadow of the enormous bridge.

FH5 treasure hunt rumour
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This is a dense patch of jungle, but when you get to the Mayan structures of Uxmal you'll be close!

The chest spawns at the base of the biggest pyramid in the area.

FH5 treasure chest uxmal
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Smash it down and bingo, 50,000 CR is coming to your account along with those season points!

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