Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Summer: New cars, challenges, free prizes & more

It's February and time for Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Summer!

Series 4 brings the Horizon World Cup to Mexico, where players can earn points towards a nation just by competing in races with manufacturers from that country.

It also sees four Chinese cars make their way to the game for the first time, one of which you can earn this week!

Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Summer

The new season hits FH5's Mexico map today at 2:30pm GMT/9:30am ET across both Xbox and PC.

fh5 ferrari 488 pista
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Players will get access to the new Festival Playlist, and lose access to the previous one so if you haven't quite finished then tough luck!

The new Festival Playlist will feature winnable cars, along with some wheelspins, clothing, and horn prizes. So what can we earn? Let's take a look!

Series cars

The Series 4 cars are the Saleen S7, which is yours for 100 points, and the amazing Koenigsegg Jesko for 160 points.

FH5 S4 cars
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You've got four weeks to rack up the necessary points, so don't hang around!

Free cars

There are a huge EIGHT free cars for players to unlock this week.

These include the two Season cars, the Chinese NIO EP9 unlocks with 25 points and the Hoonicorn v2 is yours for 40 points.

FH5 S4 Summer
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If you complete The Trial you'll get the Lamborghini Miura, while the Corvette '95 is yours for completing the EventLab while you'll get the Land Rover Velar for the Seasonal Playground Games.

There are three Seasonal Championships that reward with the Megane R26.R, Nissan GT-R '93, and Macan Turbo '19.

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge

This week's #Forzathon Weekly Challenge starts simply enough. It asks you to own and drive any car from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, or USA. That's a lot to choose from!

The second chapter is maintain a high speed through the corners and win a Road Circuit Race Event with your chosen car. Then you need to win a Dirt Scramble Race Event with your car. Finally, win any Cross-Country Race Event with your car.

Do all of that and you'll get five points toward your Series & Season cars and 160 Forzathon points.

Photo Challenge

This week's Photo Challenge is #CountrySports.

FH5 Tierra Prospera fields complete
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You need to snap the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport at the Tierra Prospera fields.

#Forzathon Daily Challenges

Put On A Show
Win a Showcase
That Was Intensa
Reach 200 mph (322 km/h) in the 2018 Apollo Intensa Emozione
Elite Athlete
Drive a level 4 car in The Eliminator
Pass, Shoot, Score
Score 3 flags in Flag Rush or Team Flag Rush
Win 2 Road Racing Circuit Events in any Volkswagen
Crafted For Greatness
Earn a total of 5 stars from Trailblazers in an Alumi Craft vehicle
Doesn't Ring A Ball
Smash a football
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