Forza Horizon 5 Soundtrack: Reveal, radio stations, streamer mode & more

There is just a month to go until the game arrives and there are still a lot of unanswered questions, including around the Forza Horizon 5 soundtrack!

The variety of radio stations, musical styles, and options has long been a strength of the Horizon series. Will it continue as we head to Mexico for FH5?

Forza Horizon 5 soundtrack

Most racing games don't concern themselves with music, letting the cars sing rather than musicians. Horizon is different.

As a game that is focused, narratively at least, around a festival it has to include music, and with open-world gameplay you need some radio stations to listen to while blasting around the map.

These stations aren't quite like GTA Radio though. They play actual music and will give some story insight too if you listen close enough.

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So what will players be listening too in FH5? Well, we don't yet know!

Even with the game just a month away, Playground Games is keeping the soundtrack under wraps. However, we do know when they will press play and unveil it.

The soundtrack will be revealed on Let's Go stream on Monday, 18 October. But we do already know one thing about the music in FH5...

Streamer Mode gets expanded

Streaming and DMCA claims over music go hand in hand. It's a problem lots of games have, but they get around it with a Streamer Mode, which keeps everyone happy.

Horizon 4's Streamer Mode is relatively limited in its music options but works to keep streamers and YouTubers creating within the game.

Revealed recently by Playground Games, Horizon 5's Streamer Mode will have more tunes than ever. Letting creators vibe with their viewers and enjoy more of the game while on stream.

Radio stations

We fully expect to get another eclectic mix of radio options. From the usual fast-paced, Forza style stations to more local music.

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We hope that some version of Timeless FM remains in the game, to give that classical chill feel when you just want to cruise around rather than race!

Pulse and Bass Arena should of course remain, but we expect a Latin feel to some of the stations that will hopefully open up the culture to new ears and give artists a new audience.

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