Forza Horizon 5: the Casa Bella location for the photo challenge

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These new photo challenges are a little trickier than before! Are you trying to take a photo at the Casa Bella? Here's how to find it!

Player houses in Forza Horizon 5

Houses in Forza Horizon 5 give players a range of bonuses. It's also worth buying them all for the Mogul accolade! At your house, you can change settings to do with your character. For example, you can change their outfit, hair, and even voice!

fh5 emma naomi
Customising a character at the Casa Bella player house

You also can set one house as your current home by visiting and choosing to move in. This is where the game will start you off each time you log in.

The Casa Bella player house

Casa Bella is the first house you unlock in Forza Horizon 5. It's described as "a modern villa with excellent views presiding over the traditional oasis town of Mulegé," which is apparently a world renowned fishing location.

fh5 casa bella
The Casa Bella house is slightly hidden away on the outskirts of Mulegé

Casa Bella unlocks skill songs, so that you can earn extra skill points while listening to the radio stations. When a skill song is playing, your multiplier can go to 10!

The summer photo challenge

You need to include two things in your photo to complete the photo challenge. One is the Casa Bella house, the other is your car! This week, the reward is the "Welcome to Mexico" link phrase, as well as points towards the seasonal rewards.

fh5 casa bella location
The precise location of the Casa Bella player house in Forza Horizon 5

You need to make sure you're photographing the right house. If you fast travel to the Casa Bella house, there's actually a driveway and the house is partially obscured. Casa Bella isn't the orange house with the balcony, it's the strangely shaped pink one the other side of the road.