Forza Horizon 5: Treasure chest location for Series 3 Autumn

Every series there is a treasure chest for Forza Horizon 5 players to find, and in Series 3 Autumn has the chest for you to find!

It's a tricky one this time around, but don't worry we've got you covered. Here's how to find it!

Lucky Skills

The initial clue for the treasure chest hunt is fairly vague. First you need the Nissan GT-R '17, that bit is easy. Just head over to the Autoshow to buy it right away or the Auction House if you want to save a few credits (potentially).

forza horizon 5 treasure chest S3 Autumn
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DRIFTY FUN: The GT-R is always a good time!

Then you have to "Cause a wreck in the Nissan GT-R '17 matching the generation number for tries!". What? Well, the car's full name is the Nissan GT-R (R35) 2017, so you need to wreck 35 things!

We went sliding through fields wrecking trees, but you could just as easily blast up the highway taking down signs and barriers. Just get wrecking!

Hide 'n' seek

Once you've got the rumour location it's time to head up to the northeast corner of the map and find the chest!

The circle will take you up to the Eliminator and the rock formations in that part of the map.

FH5 S3 autumn treasure chest
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FIND ME IF YOU CAN: This one is a tricky find for sure

You could search for an age, but thankfully we've already done that for you!

You'll find the chest up on a cliff overlooking the road through the rocks.

treasure chest location
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FOUND YOU!: You'll have to pick your way up the slope from the road, but it's relatively simple now you know!

Looking south we have the road below us, the Eliminator to the right, and the little treasure chest just waiting for us to smash it!

There are 50,000 credits waiting for you when you get there. Good luck!!

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