Forza Horizon 5 Series 3 Autumn: Looks like we're in for stormy weather

It's Thursday, which means there is a whole new set of challenges and rewards in Forza Horizon 5 as it is Series 3 autumn this week, aka storm season!

The new season kicks off at around 2:30pm UK time, so what is there to be won? Let's take a look.

Season reward cars

As ever there are two cars for you to earn by completing challenges this week.

At 25 points you'll get the Donkervoort GTO and after 45 points you'll get the Toyota AT37.

toyota AT37
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A BIG BEAST: This car will be perfect for snowy excursions up the volcano!

So how can you get these points? By completing a range of tasks and challenges of course! Let's see what you need to do, and what else can be won this week.

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge

The new Forzathon challenge revolves around the Blower Bentley. Coming in at 4 million credits the Blower Bentley isn't cheap to buy, which might make the Forzathon a bad option for some players.

Naturally all these challenges have to be completed in the Blower Bentley. Here they are.

Boys Own
Own & driver the 1931 Blower Bentley
Break The Record
Earn a total of 9 stars at Speed Zones
Sweet Taste
Win 3 Road Racing Series Events
Secret Agent
Driver 100 miles

Extra cars you can earn

This week there are three other cars that players can earn in the Festival Playlist.

This week's Seasonal Championship will reward you with the excellent Ariel Atom, a car we turned into an off-roader to take on the Titan!

Players can also win the Lancer GSR '99 through the Seasonal Playground Games and the VW Scirocco '11 in another Seasonal Championship.

There are also wheelspins, horns, and clothing to be won

Photo Challenge

This week's photo challenge is #Purfect.

You need to take a photograph of a 1999 Ford Racing Puma in La Selva. This should be relatively simple.

Forza Horizon 5 La Selva
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The Puma is only 20,000 credits from the Autoshow, one of the cheapest cars around. La Selva is a huge area in the southwest of the map, around the jungle airstrip. Taking the photo anywhere around there should trigger the challenge reward.

Treasure chest

This week sees the return of the treasure chest!

It's a very vague initial clue, but we've got the guide just for you.

Check out the Series 3 Autumn treasure chest location.

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