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Forza Motorsport gets new release date window!

Forza Motorsport has been long promised, being revealed two years ago, but it has been all-quiet from Turn 10 and Xbox since then.

But not now. A release window has finally been given for players to get excited about.

Forza Motorsport release window

While Turn 10 isn't giving an exact date for players to get excited about, there is a window.

Forza Motorsport will be with us in Spring 2023.

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It's not as close as we want it to be, but at least we now know when we can start getting excited for it!

Fully dynamic world

In a little dig at Gran Turismo 7, the Turn 10 team made sure to emphasise that every track will have fully dynamic time and weather.

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Using Maple Valley and in-engine gameplay, the team gave us a deep look at the amazing visuals on the Xbox Series X and beyond.

There will be in-race ray tracing, along with more in-depth options for racing management and car building, and new damage models.

Forza Motorsport really looks set to push the boundary of what is possible on console.

We can't wait to try it.

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