Forza Motorsport Has Gone Gold

Forza Motorsport major milestone

Forza Motorsport major milestone

After what seems like an eternity, Turn 10 has announced the Forza Motorsport news every fan has been waiting for. Nestled in a news article discussing Forza Motorsport's launch comes confirmation of the best news of all.

Forza Motorsport goes gold

Amongst the news on Forza Motorsport’s achievements and preload comes the news every fan has waited over a year for now. Turn 10 has confirmed that as of 18 September, Forza Motorsport has officially ‘gone gold’.

For those unfamiliar, going gold is when a developer submits a game ready for retail discs to be created. Although not signalling the end of development, going gold usually means the game is effectively in a state ready for release.

Forza Motorsport goes gold
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In the case of Forza Motorsport, the game has been sent for disc pressing, and the preload process has been initiated. For Xbox players, this means they can preload the game on their consoles ready for early access to begin on 5 October. Of course, the early access only applies to those who have bought the Premium Edition of the game, or the Premium Add-Ons Bundle.

For Steam players, we’re yet to receive news as to when the game will be available for preload. As soon as we find out we’ll bring the news to you.

Forza Motorsport preload confirms file size

With less than two weeks to go until the start of early access, Forza Motorsport’s preload file sizes have now been revealed. Players will need to start clearing out their hard drives now, as these downloads are pretty big.

Unsurprisingly, the Xbox Series X version of the game is the largest. With 4K resolution running at 60fps, Forza Motorsport is a hefty game, and Xbox Series X players will need an eye-watering 133 GB free in order to install the game. This falls to a slightly more respectable 100 GB for Xbox Series S players.

Forza Motorsport preload file sizes
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For comparison, Forza Motorsport 7 was approximately 100 GB at launch on the Xbox One. Gran Turismo 7 on the other hand weighed in at just shy of 90 GB when it launched last year. Both of these increased post-launch when additional content was added, but that’s still a significant drop compared to Forza Motorsport.

PC players will also need to clear some space. The Windows 10 and 11 PC (Microsoft Store) version comes in at 119 GB, with the Steam version being 118 GB after installation, but only a 108 GB download size.

Forza Motorsport news

For more on Forza Motorsport, check out the car list confirmed so far and full track list.

If you’re planning to play with a wheel, we have a Forza Motorsport wheel support list.

PC users can also find out if their hardware can run Forza Motorsport by referring to the system requirements.

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