Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7: Cars, tracks, gameplay, release & more

2021 (and now, 2022) is set to be a huge year for racing fans throughout gaming.

Not only are the Formula 1 games reaching new heights and sim racing becoming more and more popular, but two titans of racing are going head to head.

Turn 10 and Polyphony are both lining up the next release in their epic racing franchises, but which one will be better?

Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7

When these games were announced in Summer 2020 fans everywhere were excited.

Since then though, things have gone a bit quiet, especially from Turn 10.

Both games are still in development, with Gran Turismo 7 now delayed until 2022. However, we do know a few things about them.

Let's start with Forza Motorsport. Reports in 2020 suggest it will have a much more detailed sim-racer feel, with new tyre models, track dynamics, weather effects, and even off-road and rally racing.

Combining all that with the usual Forza quality is a deadly combo.

When it comes to Gran Turismo 7, we have a bit more information thanks to a deeper announcement trailer.

Career mode is returning, along with Trial Mountain and the Tuning Shop.

However, that's about all we really know.

Release dates

Unfortunately for Gran Turismo fans, the game has been officially delayed until 2022 at the earliest.

Forza Motorsport next gen
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WE NEED MORE: What we have seen of both games got the heart racing

Meanwhile, Forza Motorsport seems to be getting caught up in other Xbox projects. Rumours of Turn 10 having to do work on Halo Infinite is one potential reason for a lack of information on the new game and when it will arrive.

If GT7 really does hit first then it will have a huge advantage among racing fans that own both consoles.

Next-gen exclusivity

Sony has confirmed that GT7 will be exclusive to the PS5. This means it will be able to maximise the power of the new console, as well as develop with the awesome DualSense controller in mind.

We expect a similar story for Forza Motorsport, but that is still unconfirmed.

However, Forza will likely have the advantage of being on Game Pass fairly quickly. That will make it accessible to a much wider audience.


Gran Turismo and Forza are both known for their wide range of cars.

With everything from Formula E and old F1 cars down to the most basic road car, Forza usually has a great selection. However reports suggest that Turn 10 are going for "quality over quantity" this time.

gran turismo 7
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GUNNA NEED A BIGGER GARAGE: Both franchises offer a wide range of vehicles

This should mean cars that feel more distinct and different, but we also expect there to be at least 130+ different vehicles to race in.

GT7 is likely to have more cars than that, albeit without some of the more exotic single-seaters.


While we know Trial Mountain is coming back, we expect the track lists to be mostly similar. From the Nordschleife to Leguna Seca, both games will need the classic tracks and world-class locations.

However, it will be in the unique and original circuits that the difference comes.

Obviously Trial Mountain is a great add for GT7, but Forza has its share of unique and purpose-built tracks too.

We'll have to wait for the official track lists to compare, but we expect to see both games give players plenty of options!

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