Forza Motorsport: We haven't heard from Turn 10 in a while...

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The next ForzaMotorsport title is set to be a true next-gen game changer.

With truly fast loading speeds as well as 4K HDR resolution at 60fps, the game will look stunning too.

However, we haven't heard from the team behind the game for a while, and it's got us a tad worried...

Let's take a look at what Turn 10's silence could mean!

Latest News

The team have stayed quiet, and we're yet to hear anything further concerning the release of the game.

In fact, we haven't seen anything more about the game itself at all.

However, no need to panic, we're certain the team have got something up their sleeves to show us soon!

Best Case Scenario

The best case scenario is that the game is finished and that they'll release it tomorrow! Right?

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FORZA MOTORSPORT: The next-gen game will look phenomenal

Okay, jokes aside as we're obviously getting ahead of ourselves, the best-case scenario is that the team is just working hard on the game.

Given the recent release of the Xbox Series X, the team is likely still testing the game as well.

A release this big for next-gen will take time, and Turn 10 are most probably just perfecting the game as I write this.

Worst Case Scenario

Unfortunately, there is of course a worst case to the previous best case.

forza motorsport
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IN ENGINE: The trailer was shot in the new engine for the game

Given the situation this year with many teams working from home, the game may be delayed.

The same has obviously happened with Cyberpunk 2077. Following a difficult year of studio issues, the game has been delayed once again to December.

As such, it is more than possible the silence from Turn 10 may mean the same thing for Forza Motorsport.


Release Date

As you can tell, there is not much information concerning an official release date.

Forza Motorsport 4K
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PRECISION: The game looks amazing in 4K, and the cars will feel incredibly realistic

The team has been quiet since the official announcement trailer in July, hence our worry.

However, we are sure the team is on schedule for a release some time next year.

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