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Turn 10 job adverts could hint at renewed effort to complete Forza Motorsport

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As we know, Forza Motorsport was penned for a release early in the lifecycle of the Xbox Series X|S. We've already seen delays hit Gran Turismo 7, but we're yet to see more news for the next Forza title.

However, Turn 10 may have revealed a bit of information through some new job adverts on their site.

Let's take a look at these now, and what it could means for Forza Motorsport!

The adverts

There are now 6 job adverts on the Turn 10 website, ranging from Media Producer to Environment Domain Lead. Excitingly, in each of them, there is a mention of the Forza Motorsport franchise.

Forza Nurburgring
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This is positive as it shows the team are investing more to ensure the game is as good as we know it can be, and that we get to play it soon (hopefully).

However, it my also imply that the team needs more help to get the game finished. As we've mentioned before, Polyphony Digital released information concerning GT7's release months ago, but the same hasn't happened with Forza Motorsport.

Delayed Release

These job listings may not be all good news. It is somewhat unusual for teams to be hiring this late into the development process of the game.

forza motorsport 7 2
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It could hint at a delay to the release date of the game coming soon, but communication from the team has been rather minimal anyway.

The rush to hire new additions may even mean the exact opposite, so let's take a look at that side of the discussion now.

Imminent release

With a release date hopefully being announced soon, Turn 10 may be looking to bolster their personnel in an effort to fine-tune the last elements of the game.

forza mugello
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We know a play test is coming soon, with a closed beta announced in April. However, we haven't anymore on that since.

With this play-test happening soon, and a release date following soon after, Turn 10 may simply be making sure they have the manpower to add some finesse to the game following feedback from the beta.

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