Where is Horizon Mexico Circuit?

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Forza Horizon 5's latest photo challenge wants you to race on it, but where is Horizon Mexico Circuit?

This is one of the dozens of tracks that litter the enormous Mexico map.

Fortunately we are here to let you know exactly where to go!

Where is Horizon Mexico Circuit?

The Photo Challenge for Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Autumn is #FastTrack, and asks you to take a snap of the 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast while racing on the Horizon Mexico Circuit.

Firstly you need the car, which is 350,000 Credits from the Autoshow and great fun to drive. Then it's time to find the circuit!

2017 ferrari 812 superfast
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JOYOUS: The Superfast hits 200+ mph without any tuning

The Horizon Mexico Circuit is located near the Horizon Mexico Festival in Baja California.

You'll need to enter the race with the 812 Superfast and then snap a photo to complete the challenge.

FH5 where is Horizon Mexico Circuit
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Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Autumn

This week the Wuling Sunshine (25 points) and Rimac Concept 2 (40 points) are your seasonal progress rewards, while there are six other cars you can earn.


Along with those two there are six other cars to win. The Trial rewards you with the Caterham R500, Seasonal Playground Games get you the BMW M2, and the collectibles get you the Challenger '15.

The trio of Seasonal Championships rewards you with the Peugeot 207 S, Urus '19, and Honda Civic '18.

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