Where is the Spring treasure chest?

Hunting for the treasure chest in Forza Horizon 5? Stuck on the clue? It's a great way to start the new season with a few extra credits to spend. Let's find out how to earn that cash!

The treasure hunt clue

You probably guessed that we'll be driving the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air for this treasure hunt. This retro American two-door is a bit sluggish, but there's no particular need to upgrade it for this challenge. You just need to find a spot with plenty of ramps. How about the abandoned airfield in the south west?

fh5 chevrolet bel air
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All you need to do is get 25 air skills and you've completed the treasure hunt. The map will then show you where to look for the treasure!

The treasure chest location

The chest is tough to find. Previous treasure hunts have been in much more empty areas! This time, there's lots of scenery to hunt through.

fh5 treasure hunt map
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You'll have trouble spotting it, though Drone Mode may help! This is a busy area so let us help you out a little...

fh5 treasure location spring 2
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Drive to this spot marked on the map and you should be able to find the treasure chest.

Smashing the treasure chest

Here's the precise location where you'll find the treasure. It's on the top of an airplane wing! Something with big wheels would make it easier to get to. In the Bel Air I had to take a bit of a run up. Next time I might switch to something like the Jeep Trailcat for actually finding the chest itself.

fh5 treasure chest spring 2
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If you look carefully, the chest is hovering slightly! At least, it was on my Xbox. Anyway, get up there and smash the thing and collect your reward!

fh5 treasure found
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That's all you need to do! Bonus credits and three playlist points towards your Peel Trident. Now back to the racing!

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