Where will Forza Horizon 5 be set?

It's back soon and will be better than ever before. Forza Horizon 5will hit shelves in less than a month's time and we can't wait! The free-roaming sandbox racing series has been a huge hit so far. This is in part down to the exotic and brilliant locations that you can race around at over 200 mph around.

With that being said though, where in the world will Horizon 5 take place? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Previous settings

This is the fifth Horizon game in the series, but where have the previous games been set? The original Horizon chose to be in the U.S. State of Colorado, while its sequel was set in France and Italy. Horizon 3 took place in Australia, while 4 was in the UK.

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KINGDOM OF ICE: Horizon 4 took place in the UK

The most popular request for Horizon 5's setting was Japan, but did Sumo Digital listen to the fans?

Viva Mexico

Despite the requests for Japan, Sumo instead have opted to set Horizon 5 in Mexico. This isn't a bad thing by any stretch, as the variety of environments and climates appears to be huge.

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FROM SEARING HEAT TO FREEZING COLD: Horizon 5 has no shortage of climates to experience

The trailer showed off everything from lush jungles, to searing deserts and even snow atop the mountains. This has to be the biggest and most-varied Horizon game yet, which is a fitting way to start a new console generation.

There is also going to be a lot hidden within this map for you to discover. As shown in the trailer, Mayan temples and other landmarks could be hiding in the jungles and forests of Mexico.

As for where specifically in Mexico we'll be going to, it's pretty much all of it. Of course, the map won't be the size of Mexico, it's simply too big of a country for that. It will be a condensed version of Mexico, with the sights and sounds packed into an area that's easy to traverse.

Something else to watch out for too is the weather, which could play a big role in getting around the map.

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