Will Forza Horizon 5 have seasons?

June has been a great month for fans of Forza. After many rumours, Forza Horizon 5 was confirmed by Playground games during Microsoft's E3 presentation. Horizon 5 will carry on from Horizon 4, which is continued the series' success.

One of the best aspects of Horizon 4 was its regular updates in the form of seasons. Players would get new cars and be able to compete in new challenges on a regular basis. Will Horizon keep this going though? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Seasons in Horizon 4

Like we mentioned before, Horizon 4 has regular updates to its game in the form of seasons. These are great and add real longevity to the life of the game. Horizon 4 was released three years ago and it still feels fresh thanks to the season updates.

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NEW AND IMPROVED: Seasonal updates add more into the game that improve the experience

If you want to see some examples of what's included in season updates, we've been covering these ever since our site launched, so feel free to search the archives. We will give you an example in here too, and where better to start than the latest Series 36?

Series 36 included three new cars for your garage, alongside new events for each season. Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring all had new cars to unlock via challenges in-game.

Will Horizon 5 have seasons?

This hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but what is for sure, is that there are a huge variety of environments on offer to explore in Mexico. Jungles, deserts, snowy mountains and more make up the vistas available to traverse. We've seen a lot in the trailers and gameplay, but has there been any clues about seasons?

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POTENTIAL INDICATION? There's a lot of snow here for Mexico, could we see winter in-game?

In terms of the series updates, it's pretty certain that Playground games will be keeping these going, as they are great at adding more content to their game. Having seasons within in this essentially quadruples the challenges and content available to players for each update.

So, with that in mind, we can read between the lines with the winter environments on show in the trailer. They may be snowy mountains, but the land further down is also covered in snow, which isn't something you expect in Mexico. Is this an indication of a winter season?

Possibly, but the practicality of keeping seasons going is likely the biggest reason for them.

We're sure that Playground games will reveal more closer to Horizon 5's release later this year.


If you haven't seen the announcement trailer for Forza Horizon 5, we've linked it you below. If you aren't sure whether you want to buy this title, this will go some way to getting you off the fence:


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