Forza Horizon 5 announcement could be June 13 at E3

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Rumours are gathering pace around Forza Horizon 5.

The next installment of the open-world racing series is yet to be announced, but that hasn't stopped speculation from flying around the internet.

So when might we see the new game announced?

Forza Horizon 5 at E3?

With Sony's now annual decision to skip E3, the runway is clear for Microsoft and Xbox to deliver some exclusives to a captive audience!

Reliable insider Jeff Grubb, who is a font of Xbox and Microsoft knowledge, has said that Xbox's E3 showcase should be happening on the morning (PT) of Sunday 13 June.

As ever, we shouldn't take it as gospel that Jeff is correct, but he doesn't have his reputation for no reason. Rumours have been flying about FH5, with a new line Hot Wheels/Horizon toys coming in September all signs point to the game landing soon.

While we are approaching the anniversary of the announcement of Forza Motorsport,news on that game has been ultra-quiet with reports that Turn 10 is working on Halo Infinite too. However, a recent hiring spree from Turn 10 could mean the more sim-focused racer is also ramping up.

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With E3 2021 running from 12-15 June, the expo is the perfect time to reveal games that are coming in the second half of the year, and update fans on the progress of titles.

Map & location reveal

One of the biggest rumours going around right now is that the FH5 location will be Mexico.

Of course, this should be taken with a huge pinch of salt until confirmed by Xbox or Playground Games, but it would fit with the festival nature of the Horizon series and the Europe/not Europe cycle of the titles.

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E3 would be the perfect place to give fans a look at the new map, and maybe even take a tour of the festival site in a brand new ride.

Of course, that might be wishful thinking but it can't hurt to be positive!

With Xbox exclusives few and far between, especially when it comes to racing, the reveal of Forza Horizon 5 would be a huge boost to fans everywhere.

Forza Horizon 4 Series 36

While fans are starting to focus on FH5, Playground Games hasn't forgotten about Forza Horizon 4. They are still bringing fresh cars and new challenges to the game.

Series 36 is set to be shown off this week.

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