Can you adjust FOV in Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 lets you view the action from a variety of different camera angles. The cockpit view provides the most immersive and realistic view while giving you a closer look at GT7’s intricately detailed car interiors. However, the default field-of-view (FOV) settings may not suit your play style. So, can you adjust FOV in Gran Turismo 7? Let’s find out.

Can you adjust FOV in Gran Turismo 7?

Unfortunately, there are no FOV settings in GT7. However, adjusting the cockpit camera settings allows you to make minor changes to the FOV.

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There are no FOV settings in Gran Turismo 7, but adjusting the cockpit view achieves a similar effect

During a race, press Start to pause the game. Use the d-pad or left analogue stick to go to Settings and press Cross. Then go to Display Settings, scroll to the bottom and select Adjust Cockpit View. This allows you to change the cockpit camera’s Height, Depth, Orientation, and Wobbling Type.

Changing the Height adjusts the seat height, while the Depth moves the camera closer or further away from the dashboard. By default, these settings are set to 0. Setting the Height and Depth to the maximum 5 setting will give you a slightly wider FOV.

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Adjusting the Height and Depth gives you a slightly wider FOV

Alternatively, switching the Orientation from Default to Offset moves the camera to view the entire dashboard, but this can be disorientating in races. If using Offset orientation, it’s recommended that you move to a position where the on-screen wheel is directly in front of you.

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