Does Gran Turismo 7 have a free PS5 upgrade?

After a long wait, Gran Turismo 7 is out now for PS5 and PS4. Fortunately, it was worth the long wait as GT7 marks the return of the single-player campaign that was absent in GT Sport. Running at 4K resolution and 60fps, GT7 looks gorgeous on PS5. But with PS5 consoles still in short supply, some people can only play GT7 on PS4 while waiting for PS5s to come back in stock. With that in mind, does Gran Turismo 7 have a free PS5 upgrade?

Does Gran Turismo 7 have free PS5 upgrade?

Unfortunately, Gran Turismo 7 does not have a free PS5 upgrade. On the plus side, if you have the PS4 version, you don’t need to pay full price for the PS5 game.

Gran Turismo 7 ray tracing
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If you own the PS4 version of GT7, you can get the PS5 version at a discount

Owners of GT7 on PS4 can upgrade to the digital PS5 version for £10. If you own a disc copy, you’ll need to insert it into the PS5 every time you download or play the PS5 digital version. Unfortunately, if you have a PS5 Digital Edition and own the PS4 disc version, you can’t get a discount.

Conversely, the PS5 Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe versions of GT7 include a free digital download for the PS4 version.

Gran Turismo 7 PS5 vs. PS4 comparison

When Gran Turismo 7 was announced, we were worried about the lack of PS4 gameplay that was shown. Thankfully, there was no need to worry, because Gran Turismo 7 looks great and runs smoothly whether you play it on PS5 or PS4.

Gran Turismo 7 opening intro movie screenshot
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GT7 looks great whether you play it on PS5 or PS4

Naturally, there are some graphical downgrades on the less powerful PS4 version, but they aren’t too noticeably if you don’t look too closely. On PS4 Pro, GT7 runs at 1800p, while the standard version runs at 1080p. Both versions target 60fps.

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