Does Gran Turismo 7 have damage?

Since Gran Turismo debuted back in 1997, fans have bemoaned the lack of car damage. Smash into a wall at 150 mph, and your car will bounce off it as if nothing happened without leaving any damage. Gran Turismo 5 finally added damage when it launched on the PlayStation 3 in 2010, but it was disappointingly limited. Does Gran Turismo 7 have damage? If so, is it more extensive than past GT games? Let’s find out.  

Does Gran Turismo 7 have damage?

The short answer is yes, GT7 does have damage. However, the damage in GT7 is still limited compared to other racing games.

Gran Turismo 7 damage
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Damage in Gran Turismo 7 is still limited to paint scratches and minor dents

Like in past GT games, hitting other cars or trackside objects will scratch the paintwork, but you won’t see any serious damage. Crashes can also cause minor panel dents, but they won’t fly off. As a result, you won't see doors, bonnets, or wheels detach from your car in spectacular wrecks.

Headlights can also crack, but that’s the extent of the damage you can cause. Take too much damage, and the steering and performance will be affected. You can also turn off the visual damage in GT7’s photo mode.

Why is damage limited in Gran Turismo 7?

Ultimately, GT7 is a racing simulation, not a crashing simulator. Although crashes happen in real life racing, manufacturers don’t want to show their cars getting smashed up in the game.

GT games are enjoyed by millions of players, so manufacturers want to advertise their cars looking as pristine as possible. GT7 also has hundreds of cars, so negotiating licensing deals allowing car damage for every one of them might be difficult.

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Manufacturers don't want to show their cars getting smashed up in a game as popular as GT7

If you want to play a racing game that lets you sadistically smash up cars beyond recognition, check out Wreckfest or BeamNG Drive. Both games have genre-defining damage models.

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