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Gran Turismo 7: 3 things it needs to learn from other racers!

Unfortunately, we now know that we won't have the fabled Gran Turismo 7 until 2022.

However, we don't yet actually have the game, but we do know how we want it to play.

So, here are 3 things that we think Gran Turismo 7 needs to learn from current games!


This one will hit a little close to home, as it's a feature currently available in Gran Turismo Sport (which has new Daily Races!)

GT Sport Livery Editor
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CUSTOMISATION: Liveries really help add a personal touch!

It would be awesome if Gran Turismo 7 could incorporate another livery editor. The ability to really make the cars our own is a massive plus for players.

With the PS5's impressive hardware, we are sure this feature could be bigger and better than ever before!

A true damage model

We understand that Gran Turismo, for many, is still a pick up and play title.

iRacing Damage
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DAMAGE TIME: Realistic damage separates a game from a sim!

However, an added option whereby we can increase the realism of the game would very much be welcome. This would effectively be compromise between those asking for a more realistic game and those who just want to play for fun.

For us, this could be accurately represented through a damage model. A realistic damage model could make an already awesome game perfect in our eyes.

When there is the potential for a single crash to ruin your race, and with everything on the line each time you push for an overtake, the game becomes incredibly fun!

A licensing and penalty system

For this to happen properly, we feel that an official FIA integration is needed.

GT Sport Penalty
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IT'S A JOKE: GT Sport's penalty system is... interesting?

We are bored of putting so much effort into some of these races just for a slight accidental contact to slap us with a 2 second time-penalty and cost us our race win.

With a true licensing system, similar to iRacing, as well as a more in-depth penalty system the game would really stand out. This could also help in multiplayer!

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