Gran Turismo 7 B-Spec mode found hidden in game code

It’s hard to shake the feeling that Gran Turismo 7 wasn’t ready for release. While frequent updates have improved the experience since launch, there are still missing features.

Back in April, Kazunori promised that an option to sell cars is coming, but this still hasn’t been added three months later. While digging through the game code, the community has found another requested feature that could be returning to Gran Turismo 7: B-Spec.

B-Spec could be returning to Gran Turismo 7

As a video posted by Lucapook ALT shows, a B-Spec option has been found hiding in the code of the latest 1.16 update. It works, too – albeit with limited functionality.

When running the game in debug mode, GT7’s AI takes over control of your car in the race in B-Spec mode. For now, all you can do is change the camera view, so GT7’s B-Spec mode appears to be at an early development stage. Still, it’s a sign that B-Spec will likely return to Gran Turismo in a future update. H

Gran Turismo 7 Sophy AI
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Kazunori has said B-Spec could power Gran Turismo 7's Sophy AI in the future.

According to Lucapook ALT, setting the race to a rolling start also gives access to replay camera angles in B-Spec mode.

This doesn't necessarily mean Polyphony is working on B-Spec mode for GT7, however. It could simply be a debug option to test the AI behaviour.

It's still unknown if B-Spec will be added to GT7. Kazunori, did, however, hint that B-Spec could supplement the upcoming Sophy AI update in the future.

Speaking in an interview with GTPlanet, he said he “wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a B-Spec mode, where the player is the race director and Sophy is the driver.

What is B-Spec?

First appearing in Gran Turismo 4, B-Spec allows the AI to take over driving – something that is particularly useful in long endurance races that can last up to 24 hours.

As the AI controls the car, you can issue commands telling the AI when to overtake, pit in, or increase pace.

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot
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B-Spec hasn't featured in a Gran Turismo game since GT6 in 2015.

B-Spec mode was last seen in Gran Turismo 6 when it was added in a post-release update back in 2015. It was also missing in Gran Turismo Sport.

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