Gran Turismo 7 best credit grind after update 1.15

Update 1.15 has arrived in GT7, which means there is a new Gran Turismo 7 best credit grind.

With the update came a Tomahawk grind nerf and new events, which means the best races to earn big have changed rather dramatically.

So what is the best return for your time in GT7 right now? Let's take a look.

Gran Turismo 7 best credit grind

These races provide the best credit rewards for your time, but also a degree of interesting racing.

Let's get into it!

Le Mans World Touring Car 700

825,000 max reward - 30 minutes

This race is our absolute favourite. You'll be doing eight laps around the Circuit de la Sarthe for this race.

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A big fuel tank is a must, with the aim being to pit once about 3 laps in when the rain usually starts. You can slap the intermediates on and then remove them when the track dries.

However, if you are fast enough and brave enough you can leave the slicks on and stick it out, just as long as you have enough fuel to reach the end!

Spa World Touring Car 800

1.5 million max reward - 1 hour

Slightly below the hourly rate of the Le Mans race is this hour-long beauty of a race at Spa-Francorchamps.

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With rain, day-night-day transitions, and of course the glorious Spa circuit, it's truly a must-do race.

The 800 PP limit means most cars (except the Tomahawk) are viable. A true Gr.1/2/3 race car is a must for the sake of your fuel consumption, just use the ballast and power restrictor to get below 800.

Tokyo Expressway World Touring Car 600

825,000 max reward - 30 minutes

We all know it, we've all done it, it's Tokyo.

This wet-to-dry race is 12 laps of tricky racing when you're not in a Tomahawk.

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With five-second penalties for barrier collisions it is a harsh race if you put a foot wrong.

Avoiding the pits will be crucial to beating the AI if you've got an under-powered but agile car.

Sardegna Road World Touring Car 800

727,500 max reward - 28 minutes

If you need a change of scenery you can do worse than a trip to Sardegna.

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This 15-lapper is great fun, and again pitstop management is key.

The lead Viper is FAST, but pits multiple times. If you lower your power and pit just once you'll be able to get to the finish line first.

Daytona GT Cup Gr.3

300,000 max reward - 20 minutes

Daytona Road Course is a beautiful thing, and in a Gr.3 car with a nighttime transition it really comes to life.

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This race is tough, with a four chilli rating, but it's a great test of your pace around the circuit. You only start a few seconds behind the lead car but can't afford any mistakes on this one.

But what about new races I hear you ask? After all, all five of these were available before Update 1.15 hit the game.

Well, the update has given us an eight-lap (roughly 24 minutes) race and Circuit de Sainte-Croix that has a 950 PP cap. However this race has a max payout of 315,000 credits. While it is a touch more than the Daytona race listed above, it's also longer.

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