Gran Turismo 7 collaborates with Dior to create unique De Tomaso Mangusta

Last week saw the release of update 1.19 for Gran Turismo 7, which added three new cars, new events, new Menu Books, and some welcome quality-of-life improvements. Looking ahead, Polyphony has previewed more new content coming to GT7 in a future update.

During the World Series Showdown Nations Cup in Salzburg, Austria, Polyphony announced a surprise partnership with French fashion house Dior.

Bespoke racing gear

As part of the collaboration, bespoke racing gear designed by Dior for driver avatars will be added to Gran Turismo 7 later this month. These include a yellow and grey racing suit with matching gloves and "Diorizon" shoes, along with a blue and grey helmet.

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The number 47 also appears on the racing gear marking Christian Dior’s first fashion show in 1947.

Custom De Tomaso Mangusta

In addition to the racing gear, Dior has created a custom De Tomaso Mangusta, which will be added to the Hagerty Collection Legends car dealer next month. Finished in cream and grey, the unique De Tomaso Mangusta features a special livery along with the number 47 and custom Dior decals.

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The custom racing gear and De Tomaso Mangusta are designed by British fashion designer and Artistic Director of Dior men’s collections, Kim Jones, marking the first time Dior has created a virtual fashion project for a video game.

The bespoke Dior racing gear and De Tomaso Mangusta will be available in GT7 on 25 August. We expect they will be part of a larger game update later this month adding new cars and, hopefully, new tracks.

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