Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races 14 March: Daytona calling

The first set of Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races have arrived!

After making do with a duo of shaky for the last 10 days, Monday has arrived and there is a new set of races to attack.

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These new races are more like what we are used to, but there is still some learning to do.

Race A

Alsace - Test course reverse - 6 laps

The first race is a slow turn round the Alsace test course reverse. Players are limited to cars with just 78 BHP.

That limits you to the Mini Cooper S, The VW Beetle, and the Fiat 500. At least before you start playing with the tune for Sport Mode.

gt7 daily 14 march race A
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You're also limited to a minimum weight of 500kgs, no nitrous, and the Comfort Medium tyre.

There is also standard 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Race B

Nurburgring - GP - 3 laps

Race B takes players to the GP layout of the Nurburgring for a Gr.4 race.

gt7 daily 14 march race b
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Cars are limited to 630 PP and the Racing Hard tyres.

You can add some ballast and use the power restrictor to get your PP down, but also tune the downforce and other settings to your liking for the twists and turns of the Nurburgring GP.

There is also standard 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Race C

Daytona - Road Course - 10 laps

The final race is a long 10 laps around the Daytona Road Course in Gr.3 cars. The limit here hs 542 BHP, along with a minimum of 1,350kg weight and no nitrous.

gt7 daily 14 march race C
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The race will be on the Racing Hard tyres

There is also a huge 15x tyre wear and 7x fuel consumption

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