Gran Turismo 7 Tuning: How to create an OP car for Sport Mode in GT7

While on the surface not much has changed from GT Sport to Gran Turismo 7, beyond the handling and visual upgrades, one major factor has entered Sport Mode: Tuning.

Gone are the old Balance of Power restrictions form GT Sport, replaced with BHP and weight caps. How you achieve those caps though, is entirely up to you.

Tuning for Sport Mode

The current Daily Races for Gran Turismo 7 limit cars to a maximum BHP and minimum weight. That implies that to get the best out of your car you should just trim as much weight as possible, and get as close to the max BHP as possible.

While that is a good strategy, it's not the optimum. As we're about to see, there are plenty of ways to skin a cat, or in the instance tune a car.

base vs tuned Fiat Abarth
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As you can see from above, while keeping the weight the same and even having 1 BHP less, the tuned version of this Fiat 500 Abarth has better torque and better acceleration. It's a staggering 107 PP better. How? Let's take a look.

The best upgrades for Sport Mode

There are a handful of upgrades that are a must-buy for any car you want to race. Once you apply those you can start to add things like racing intercoolers, air filters, and your engine balance tuning options.

You also need to buy the Ballast and Power Restrictor options. These are under Club Sports, and are crucial to bringing your car within the restrictions for Daily Races.

GT7 ballast
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Once you've put all the fancy parts onto your car, it's time to dive into the settings and bring it back into line with the requirements.

Head over to the Garage, and then click Car Settings.

Tweaking the settings

Now it's time to start adjusting. You can put up to 200kg of ballast into the car, and move it forward and back to change the overall weight balance of the car.

The power restrictor and ECU output can adjust the available BHP down, helping you get under that cap too.

GT7 tuned fiat Abarth 1
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If you're in a car with aerodynamics you can even adjust that, giving you more speed down the straights without adding any horsepower.

This is how you can gain an edge in Sport Mode and start picking up wins in Daily Races. Once you are comfortable doing this, the whole world of settings adjustments come in. From damping ratios to anti-roll bars and camber, there is a lot you can change about a car.

As we keep experimenting and trialing options we will be sharing our findings with you!

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