How to tune cars in Gran Turismo 7

With the focus back on car collecting and an expansive single-player campaign, Gran Turismo 7 is a glorious return to form, here's how to tune cars in Gran Turismo 7.

GT7 also sees the return of car tuning allowing you to upgrade the performance, but how do you tune cars in Gran Turismo 7? Let’s find out.

How to tune cars in Gran Turismo 7

Car tuning is unavailable in GT7 when you start the game.

To unlock the Tuning Shop, you need to complete the European Classic Compacts Menu 3 in the GT Café. After completing this menu, the Tuning Shop will appear as a location in the World Map. As long as you’re connected online, you can visit the Tuning Shop at any time.

Gran Turismo 7 Tuning Shop
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To unlock the Tuning Shop, you need to complete European Classic Compacts Menu 3 in the GT Café

Tuning parts are split into five categories: Sports, Club Sports, Semi-Racing, Racing, and Extreme.

In the earlier stages of the campaign, you can only access the Sports category. The remaining categories will unlock as you rank up your car Collector level from buying and unlocking more cars.

How to tune cars

To tune a car in GT7, visit the Tuning Shop located in the World Map. From here, you can browse the available tuning parts for your selected car.

For beginners, there are several key upgrades that will get you started on your tuning journey. Most of these upgrades are affordable have a noticeable effect on your car's performance and handling.

  • Sports Computer – Costing only 1,400 credits, this affordable upgrade tunes the engine control management (ECU). This results in increased torque and throttle response.
  • Sports Air filter – This upgrade improves engine response. At only 600 credits, this is a cheap upgrade.
  • Sports Silencer – Costing 1,400 credits, this reduces the engine’s exhaust resistance. It also makes your car sound better.
  • Sports Brake Pads – Upgrading the brake pads will increase the stopping power. This upgrade costs 300 credits.
  • Street Suspension – If you want to improve your car’s handling, installing Street Suspension increases stability and lowers the ride height. At 2,100, it’s not a cheap upgrade when starting your career.   
  • Weight Reduction Stage 1 – Costing 3,000 credits, this is the most expensive upgrade in the Sports category. It’s worth it though, as your car will benefit from improved acceleration, cornering, and braking.

You can also change your car’s tyres in the Tuning Shop. By default, the starting cars are equipped with Comfort Medium tyres. These can be swapped with Comfort Hard Tyres for 840 credits.

Comfort Hard tyres are more durable than Mediums but have less grip. Alternatively, Comfort Soft tyres cost 1,120 credits and offer more grip. Sports Hard (2,100 credits), Medium (2,500 credits), and Soft (3,000 credits) tyres are also available.

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