GT7 Daily Races 29 January: Slipping and sliding

GT7 Daily Races 29 January: Slipping and sliding

GT7 Daily Races 29 January: Slipping and sliding

It’s Monday, and for Gran Turismo 7 players that means a new set of daily races is now live following last week's update patch. This week’s daily races sees you play in the snow with a classic rally car, before culminating in a challenging race in GR.2 cars. Here’s what players can expect in this week’s GT7 Daily Races.

Race A

Lake Louise – Short Track - 6 laps

Race A sees you slipping and sliding a classic Lancia Strato across the new Lakeshore snow track introduced in the Spec II update. Designed for rallying, the Stratos is rear mid-engined and RWD, so you’ll need to counter-steer and be conservative with the throttle when cornering to prevent the car from spinning out on the low-grip surface.

GT7 Daily Races 29 January Race A
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This is a six-lap race with 12 cars on the grid. Naturally, you’ll need to equip snow tyres to enter this race. Fuel consumption and tyre wear are disabled, with each competitor using high-speed BoP. There is light mechanical damage along with light shortcut and pit wall collision penalties. Collision and pit wall-cutting penalties are also enabled. This is an unranked race so your DR and SR won’t be affected.

Race B

Watkins Glen Long Course – 4 laps

Race B takes place at Watkins Glen for a four-lap race in GR.3 cars. Everyone will be racing on Racing Medium tyres with 1x fuel consumption and 1x tyre wear. This 16-car race has a rolling start, so getting a good qualifying position is vital. Every car in this race uses mid-speed BoP with brake balance adjustments allowed. This is a ranked race that affects your SR and DR, so keep it clean.

GT7 Daily Races 29 January Race B
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Race C

Deep Forest Raceway – 14 laps

The final race is by far the longest and most challenging of the three, with 14 laps around Deep Forest Raceway in GR.2 cars. This is a rolling start with 16 cars on the grid riding on Racing Soft tyres, 2x fuel consumption and 7x tyre wear, so you’ll need to schedule a pit stop. Only one pit stop is required.

Mid-speed BoP tuning is enabled with brake balancing tuning allowed to keep an even playing field. There are also light shortcut and wall collision penalties along with penalties for collisions and pit lane cutting.

GT7 Daily Races 29 January Race C
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Update 1.42 out now

The latest Daily Races follow the arrival of update 1.42 last week. Out now, update 1.42 brings three new cars including two new Vision GT concepts and the dinky Suzuki Jimny. It also adds the obligatory new Menu Books, World Circuits events, and Scapes locations.

You can check out the full patch notes here.

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