Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7 *UPDATED*

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Gran Turismo 7 is has gone through a radical in-game economy change since release, making the best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7 even more important.

Polyphony Digital's newest release has cars that cost up to 20 million credits, and yet rewards are slim and there is no way to sell items to make up the gap!

So what are the best ways to earn credits in Gran Turismo 7 right now?

Let's take a look.

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7

Earning credits fast is crucial to growing your garage in Gran Turismo 7.

With cars like the McLaren F1 and Porsche 917 costing 18 million credits, making the most of your time in GT7 is key to affording the best cars when they come around in the Legend Car showroom.

The fastest way to get money, outside of getting lucky with roulette tickets, is with a few key races.

Off-road grind

The best credit grind in Gran Turismo 7 right now is found at Fisherman's Ranch.

Now off-road racing in Gran Turismo 7 has a few problems, but the rewards are there if you can master it.

The best reward to be had is 30,000 credits for just one lap of Fisherman's Ranch in the Dirt Champions race. You need a lap time of about 3:17.000 to win, and if you can do it with a clean race bonus you'll take home 45,000 credits. The minimum return is 18,000, so even if you don't win it's still decent for the time taken.

The Focus Gr.B Rally Car in Gran Turismo 7
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FLYING OVER JUMPS: The rebound from landing at Fisherman's Ranch is always wild

However, with three chillis it is a hard race. In fact one of the toughest as you are limited to Group B rally cars which can't be supped-up too much to become OP.

Our favourite grind is the World Rally Challenge at Fisherman's Ranch. This is a two-lap race with a 700 PP limit.

You'll get a max payout of 75,000 credits with a clean race bonus. While it is a little less efficient than the Dirt Champions series it is much easier to win.

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That means you are more likely to pick up big rewards if you aren't too comfortable on the dirt and mud!

What about track grinds?

If you prefer to go racing on tarmac there are plenty of options for you, depending on what circuits you like and cars you own.


The Ferrari Circuit Challenge offers you a maximum 75,000 credits for doing 5 laps of Barcelona, Lago Maggiore, or Dragon Trail.

However, if you've got a bit of time and want some variety in your races then you can't do much better than the World GT Series.

The World GT Series rewards in Gran Turismo 7
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MASSIVE REWARDS: There are huge payouts for winning here

With seven laps of Deep Forest, five laps of Spa, three laps of Le Mans, five laps of Mount Panorama, and two laps of the Nurburgring 24h it is a long championship. However, the rewards are terrific.

There is a maximum clean race payout of 90,000 credits per race, with a championship bonus of 150,000 credits if you win the overall title.

That's a maximum return of 600,000 credits, all while experiencing five amazing tracks in your favourite car. What could be better?

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