Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is still undergoing big changes nearly two years on from launch. The recently released Update 1.40 has introduced "Spec II" to the game with some massive changes for single-player racers as well as the in-game economy.

With some cars costing up to 20 million credits and the price of Hagerty Legend cars going up, you will need a good return for your time in Gran Turismo 7 if you want to complete your garage.

So what are the best ways to earn credits fast in Gran Turismo 7 right now? Let's take a look.

Sardegna Road Track

The best and most consistent return for your time right now is the World Touring Car 800 race at Sardegna Road Track. This has a winning payout of 485,000 credits, which goes to 727,500 with the clean race bonus.

This 15-lapper can be done in around 27 minutes and with some of the best cars in GT7 if you make minimal tuning tweaks. That makes it excellent to just jump into and drive.

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7 Sardegna road track
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With a bit of ballast & power restriction you can get the Porsche 919 Hybrid below 800 PP, as well as the Mazda 787B and the McLaren F1. These are all excellent choices and by limiting your fuel usage you can make it a one-stop race and easily win.

Tokyo Expressway

This World Touring Car 600 race has a higher max payout, at 825,000 credits but takes longer to complete and is trickier to win consistently. As a wet-to-dry race and with a low PP threshold, it is a race that can go wrong in a number of ways.

Pushing a high-downforce car under the PP limit can result in not enough straight-line speed down the massive pit straight here, while road cars will struggle early on and need a lot of refuelling.

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7 Tokyo
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This race can be incredibly fun, but it will take you over 30 minutes to complete and with big penalties for wall collisions it can go wrong pretty quickly. If you get a car that suits you and can be consistent though, it's a great earner.

Le Mans

The World Touring Car 700 at Le Mans can also return 825,000 with the clean race bonus. As a timed 30-minute race though, this can take up to 35 minutes if you start your last lap at the wrong time.

You will also start in the dry and then have weather move in. The choice between stopping for inters or toughing it out on slicks can make all the difference, so keeping an eye on the radar is crucial.

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7 Le Mans
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As a 700 PP limit, you can push a Gr.2 car down and benefit from all the aero in the final sector and still just about compete down the straights.

Time trials

If you are rapid then the best way to make quick money in Gran Turismo 7 is with time trials. These events are in Sport Mode and can earn you as much as 2 million credits if you are within 3% of the fastest time.

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7 time trials
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That is hard to do, but even if you are within 10% you can earn 500,000 credits. This is fairly simple to do, and while it might take you a few laps to get used to the car and track combo you can usually get a good enough time without too much effort.

These events are pretty regular, so always check for a new one!

Circuit experience

These challenges offer one-off payments at each track if you can nail each section and then a full lap in a certain car. You won't get much for completing the short tracks with gold times, but most circuits offer 1 million credits for full gold results.

If you are really feeling it then you can try and earn a total of 6 million credits for going gold around the Nordschleife!

Best credit grinds in Gran Turismo 7 circuit experience
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So there you have it, the best ways to earn credits in Gran Turismo 7! Lots of races have decent payouts, so you don't need to grind these races endlessly. However, if you have your eyes on a certain pricy Legends car and need to earn cash quickly, then you can do it!

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