Gran Turismo 7: Fanatec expects next Polyphony game in late 2021

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The release window for Gran Turismo 7 has been much-speculated about.

This hasn't been helped by vague messaging from Sony and constantly changing smallprint in their PS5 ads.

Fanatec expect GT7 in late 2021

The high-end racing wheel manufacturer has been in the news a lot lately after their recent financial reports were released.

Not only are they developing a series of lower-cost wheels for the PS5, but they also have given fans a hint at when Gran Turismo 7 could arrive.

As you would expect, Fanatec are anticipating a big sales boost from the release of GT7.

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As a sponsor for GT World Challenge and provider of wheels for most of the elite competitions in sim racing, you would expect them to have a good deal of information regarding the game.

"The expected launch of the racing video game GT7 (probably in Q3 or Q4), which is being developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, should once again boost sales in the simracing sector."

However, their window doesn't match up with what Sony has said publicly...

PS5 ads say differently

Sony has been releasing PS5 ads fairly regularly to show off the amazing exclusives that are coming this year but also to keep the hype and the sales going.

One of these, aired during the NFL Playoffs in the US, showed a few clips of a Gran Turismo 7 trailer and quoted a release of "First half of 2021".

So which is it?

The truth is probably that no one really knows.

The gaming world is still reeling from the on-going global pandemic and that makes timelines for development really hard to nail down.

Given the problems some games *cough* Cyberpunk *cough* have had in recent releases Polyphony would surely air of the side of caution and make sure the game is ready to release rather than meet an arbitrary release date.

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