Gran Turismo 7 is shaping up to be the best GT ever

Gran Turismo 7 will launch next year and we're so hyped for it. Polyphony's first game on Sony's next-gen PlayStation, the PS5, has us all excited. Through trailers and interviews, we've learned quite a lot about GT7 so far.

With all that in mind, we believe that GT7 could well go down as the best Gran Turismo ever. That's a bold call, as GT has consistently delivered the best racing simulators out there, but we think that GT7 has a good chance of standing above all before it.

More content, not less

Gran Turismo has always been at the forefront of gaming technology. Polyphony and Sony have ensured that GT always pushes the boundaries when it comes to which system it's released on. Because of that, it's not uncommon for GT to prioritise quality over quantity.

STUNNING: GT7 will push the graphics capabilities of the PS5 to its maximum
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STUNNING: GT7 will push the graphics capabilities of the PS5 to its maximum

However, that doesn't appear to be case for GT7, as not only will this title have incredible graphics, but also plenty of content too. Polyphony's CEO has confirmed that GT7 will have all of the tracks and cars that are present in GT Sport. This means that GT7 will build upon GT Sport, not pick and choose what to upgrade to the next-gen system.

GT7 will have both the benefit of a new gaming system and a lot of content to make a great game. This isn't something we've seen since GT5, but even that suffered with "standard cars" making up the bulk of the motors.


While it won't come close to the record for cars in the game, GT7 could well beat the record for the total number of circuits. 90 have been confirmed, and just 11 more would break the record.

Your new home

Let's not beat around the bush, the GT Sport menu is a work of art. The game's home screen exudes class and is always informative with the momentous events from in and outside the world of motoring that it displays. GT7 though, looks like it'll go back to what we're used to from a GT game.

GT home GT7
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RETRO FEEL: We're going back to a home menu that we're used to in GT7

We've seen this home screen twice now, and the latest trailer shows us what it'll most likely look like when the game launches in March 2022. While we don't know what all of these symbols represent, there are a lot. Things such as the GT Cafe, and multiplayer are fairly obvious, but there are going to be some surprises in here.

This again adds to the content available, as more game modes mean more options for players.

Next-gen technology

The PlayStation 5 is an incredible game console to use. It really and truly is a leap up in technology from the PS4 and GT7 will make full use of this. GT7 will run in full 4K (2160p) and at 60 fps on PS5, Polyphony has confirmed.

PS5 Controller
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EVOLUTION: The DualShock 5 is an incredible controller to use

It's not just how the game looks though, it's also how it feels and GT7 will feel more real than ever before. Anybody who has played a racing game on PS5 like F1 2021 will know how authentic haptic feedback feels. The vibrations that the controller sends through your hands move depending on where and what the car is running over, it's brilliant.

Ray tracing has also been confirmed for PS5, although this will only be on show during non-racing parts of the game due to the difficulty of incorporating it there.

And let's not forget that the AI will also be the best that GT has ever seen as well! The computer-controlled cars will be an "Improved, Faster, and More Natural AI" than we've ever seen before in GT, according to the Polyphony CEO.

But what about the PS4?

Due to the global shortage of PS5s, GT7 is also being released simultaneously on PS4. This will be the first time ever that a main series GT game has been released on two PlayStation consoles.

STILL AMAZING: The PS4 version of GT7 will still be a much-improved game over GTS
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STILL AMAZING: The PS4 version of GT7 will still be a much-improved game over GTS

Now, you can look at this two ways, the pessimists will believe that GT7 will suffer on PS5 because of the limitations of the PS4. However, it's the optimists that appear to also be the realists here, as GT7 on the PS5 will not be held back by this.

Instead, it appears as though Polyphony are creating a bespoke PS5 game that will be scaled down for the PS4 version, while the original will remain intact. What this will mean is that the PS4 version won't have as clear audio, not video but will contain all of the same cars and tracks that are present in GT7.

While features like ray tracing and haptic feedback will not feature on the PS4, they will on PS5.

Basically, PS5 and PS4 gamers will get the best racing simulator they've ever played on their respective systems.

Release date and trailer

Gran Turismo 7 will launch on 4th March 2022. To get an idea of what the game will be like, check out the latest trailer which was shown at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase:

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