Gran Turismo 7 June 2024 Update: Everything We Know So Far

Gran Turismo 7
Credit: Polyphony

Gran Turismo 7
Credit: Polyphony

The Gran Turismo 7 June 2024 Update is expected to arrive, but what will it likely arrive and when is it expected to launch?

Gran Turismo 7 is a quality game and it's still receiving regular updates thanks to the tireless work of developers Polyphony.

We're expecting the next monthly update to come in June 2024. This will likely be Update 1.49 unless a hotfix is released in the meantime. Here's everything we know so far and what we can expect from Gran Turismo 7's June 2024 update.

Gran Turismo 7 June 2024 Update (Update 1.49) release date prediction

Polyphony hasn't confirmed when GT7's next update will arrive. However, GT7's monthly updates are usually released on the final Thursday of the month. If update 1.49 continues this pattern, we can expect it to be released on Thursday, June 27.

Gran Turismo Creator Kazunori Yamauchi usually teases the upcoming update the weekend before, so we should get a preview of what's likely to come in Update 1.49 on either June 22 or 23.

Gran Turismo 7 Chevrolet Camaro
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Credit: Polyphony

What can we expect in the June 2024 update?

Monthly updates usually include three new cars, GT Cafe Menu Books to complete, Scape photo locations, and World Circuit Events to expand the campaign.

While the updates can vary from this template, they rarely do. However, May's update brought even more content than we're used to in Gran Turismo 7. This means the June update could be another bumper edition or return to the old formula.

Update 1.48 added five new cars, including two JDM Legends. These two legends were the Honda NSX JGTC and Nissan Skyline GTS-R.

The other three standard cars from the update were the Honda Civic EG, Volvo 240 Estate and Volvo V40.

Gran Turismo 7
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Credit: Polyphony

GT Cafe Extra Menu Book No. 39 is also unlocked at Collector 48. This new Menu Book saw you collecting more classic Japanese cars.

As for the World Circuit events, four were included in the May 2024 update:

  • Europe Sunday Cup 400 - Kyoto Driving Park: Yamagiwa
  • Japanese FF Challenge 450 - Autopolis International Racing Course: Short Course
  • Japanese FR Challenge 450 - Autodrome Lago Maggiore: West
  • World Tour Car 800 - Circuit de Sainte-Croix: A

Those who enjoy photographing their cars were also happy could also use the new Haulover Park Scape location, located in Miami, Florida.

It's now been over six months since a new track was added to Gran Turismo 7 with the Lakeshore Circuit arriving in the Spec II update last November. Hopefully June's update will change that as fans are clamoring for a new circuit to race on.

What are you hoping to see in this month's Gran Turismo 7 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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