Gran Turismo 7 looks incredible on PSVR 2

With less than three weeks until launch, PlayStation VR2 is nearly here. Naturally, the launch game we're most interested in is Gran Turismo 7, which is getting a free PSVR 2 update at launch.

Now, several media outlets and YouTubers have had a chance to go hands-on with Gran Turismo 7 in VR.

Based on their impressions, you won't want to play GT7 on a flat screen ever again after experiencing it in VR.

No compromises

On the original PSVR, Gran Turismo Sport was limited to head-to-one races with one opponent or time trials. This won’t be the case in Gran Turismo 7. On PSVR 2, GT7 is fully playable in VR.

Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2
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While we already knew every car and track will support VR, PlayStation Blog has confirmed you can play the entire campaign in VR.

Online Sport races can also be experienced in VR along with all single-player races and license tests. Understandably, split-screen multiplayer won’t be playable in VR, though.

VR Showroom

A new standalone game mode called VR Showroom will let you freely look around every car in GT7 and admire the attention to detail of GT7’s accurate car models.

According to GTPlanet’s hands-on, you can also change the direction of the lighting and turn the headlights on and off. Movement is restricted by the controller, however.

Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 single seater
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As well as viewing the outside, you can also hop inside and view the interior up close. For many, this will be as close as you can get to sitting inside your dream car.

When trying GT7 in VR, IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey was blown away by the accurate interior modelling of a DeLorean he used to own in real life, right down to the rear window sunshade.

Interestingly, McCaffrey was so immersed that he forgot he was playing a game until he realised he wasn’t feeling any physical sensations when braking. Simply being able to look at other drivers as they race past you is a novelty.

Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 gameplay

GTPlanet has also shared some new Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 gameplay showing races with a full grid of cars. Visually, GT7 looks stunning in VR and runs at 120 fps – even in the rain.

After playing for nearly an hour on various tracks and weather conditions, GTPlanet’s Jordan Greer “never noticed any dropped frames or stuttering.” He adds that playing GT7 in VR gives you a perspective on the size of your car, the width of the track, and elevation changes.

GT7 also takes advantage of the PSVR 2’s haptic feedback technology that rumbles as you play. GTPlanet says the implementation is “very subtle” and is only noticeable if you hit a wall or another car.

Free GT7 VR update

Considering the full game is playable in VR, Sony could have easily charged for the update. Instead, the GT7 will be free to download when PSVR 2 launches on 22 February. Count us excited.

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