GT7 Weekly Challenges 04 January: Porsche Challenge

GT7 Weekly Challenges 04 January: Porsche Challenge

GT7 Weekly Challenges 04 January: Porsche Challenge

While we’re still waiting for news on the next Gran Turismo 7 update, the first set of Weekly Challenges of 2024 is now live. As always, the weekly challenges bring five new events to tackle, each featuring different locations, car class restrictions, and rewards.

There's an eclectic mix of races this week from a new Special Event to one of the toughest challenges yet featuring the Red Bull X2019. Read on to find out more about the GT7 Weekly Challenges starting 4 January.

GT7 Weekly Challenges 14 December

GT7’s Weekly Challenges update at midnight local time on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings depending on your time zone. You have to complete GT Cafe Menu Book 39 to access them and watch the ending movie.

This week’s GT7 Weekly Challenges start on 4 January at midnight local time and end on 11 January at the same time.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges 04 January
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Sunday Cup

Northern Isle Speedway – 5 laps

We start with a leisurely five-lap race around Northern Isle Speedway. Only road cars can be entered in this event. A 380 PP rating is suggested to keep the grid evenly matched, but there’s no PP limit so you can choose the fastest car in your garage to blast through this event. You only get 5,000 credits for first place.

GT7 weekly challenges 4 January Sunday Cup
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Special Event

Autopolis International Racing Course – 5 laps

The next race is a one-make Special Event at the Autopolis International Racing Coursestarring the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. If you have modified it, you’ll need to detune it to 700 PP or under to enter this five-lap race. There’s an 87,000 credit prize for taking home the win. 

GT7 weekly challenges 4 January Special Event
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European Clubman Cup 600

Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit – 3 laps

The next event takes us to the Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit for a three-lap race in European sports cars. There’s no PP limit again, so you can enter any road car as long as it’s European to get the top 25,000 credit prize.

GT7 weekly challenges 4 January European Clubman Cup 600
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Nissan GT-R Cup

Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise – 4 laps

For the next race, we’re heading to Tokyo Expressway for a four-lap race in a Nissan GT-R. Any Nissan GT-R rated 700 PP or less is eligible for this event for this event, with 80,000 credits on offer for taking the win.

GT7 weekly challenges 4 January Nissan GT-R Cup
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X2019 Nations Cup

Trial Mountain – 14 laps

Last but not least, the X2019 Nations Cup event raises the stakes. Aimed at experienced players, you’ll need to complete Menu Book 49 and reach Collector Level 50 to enter. You’ll also need one of the Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 fitted with racing tyres for a 14-lap race around Trial Mountain.

There’s also 8x tyre wear so you’ll need to make a pit stop. This is a tricky event but it’s worth the effort to get the 200,000 credit reward.

As for this week’s bonus rewards, you’ll get a six-star parts roulette ticket for completing one event, a 200,000 credit ticket for completing three, and a 750,000 credit ticket for conquering all five.

After skipping December, the next GT7 content update is expected to roll out in January. Polyphony has yet to announce a release date or new cars for update 1.42, but we know the Genesis Vision GT is coming to GT7 this month. The sleek 1,071-hp supercar concept will likely be part of the update, but we’ll have to wait until Polyphony announces the next GT7 update to find out more details.

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