GT7 Weekly Challenges 30 November

GT7 Weekly Challenges 30 November

GT7 Weekly Challenges 30 November

After debuting in the superb Spec II update, GT7’s Weekly Challenges return for a fifth week. While most of the events are recycled from World Circuits, they offer high credit rewards so they’re worth entering if you’re saving up for your dream car.

Every week brings a fresh set of events to tackle with different locations, car class restrictions, and rewards. Let’s find out what’s in store for players in this week’s GT7 Weekly Challenges.

GT7 Weekly Challenges 30 November

GT7’s Weekly Challenges update at midnight local time on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings depending on your time zone. To access them, you’ll need to have completed GT Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie.

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This week’s GT7 Weekly Challenges start on 30 November at midnight local time and end on 7 December at the same time.

Special Event - Fiat 500F One Make

Alsace Test Course Reverse – 2 laps

The first challenge is a Special Event, with a short two-lap race at Alsace Test Course. This is a one-make race with the 1968 Fiat 500F, which is required for this event with no more than 100 PP.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges 30 Fiat 500F One Make
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With a measly 16 hp on tap, you may struggle to climb up the steep hill in the underpowered Italian hatchback. Prize rewards are also small, with only 2,500 credits rewarded for finishing first.

Japanese Clubman Cup 550

Tokyo Expressway – South Counterclockwise - 3 laps

While the Fiat 500F One Make race is a unique Special Event, the remaining events are recycled World Circuit Clubman Cup events. At least you'll still get credit rewards even if you've already entered them outside the Weekly Challenges.

First up is the Japanese Clubman Cup 550, a three-lap race at Tokyo Expressway with twelve Japanese sports cars on the grid. You’ll need a Japanese road car for this event.

GT7 Weekly Challenges 30 November Japanese Clubman Cup 550
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This event has a suggested 550 PP but there are no tuning restrictions. Finishing first will win you 20,000 credits.

European Clubman Cup 600

Alsace – Village - 3 laps

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European Clubman Cup 600 takes us back to Alsace in a three lap race against 600-PP class European sports cars from the past and present. You’ll need a European car from the UK, Germany, France, or Austria to enter this event, but you can tune it up as much as you like, with 25,000 credits up for grabs for finishing first.

GT7 Weekly Challenges 30 November European Clubman Cup 600
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American Clubman Cup 700

Daytona Road Course – 4 laps

The American Clubman Cup 700 takes place at the Daytona Road Course. This four-lap race pits you against high-performance American sports cars up to 700 PP. As the name suggests, you’ll need an American road car to enter this event. With no tuning restrictions, claiming the 30,000-credit prize shouldn’t be too difficult.

GT7 Weekly Challenges 30 November American Clubman Cup 700
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World Touring Car 800

Dragon Tail – Seaside Reverse - 10 laps

The final World Touring Car 800 event is the most lucrative, with 140,000 credits awarded. Featuring the world’s fastest GT cars, this event has an 800PP restriction and you’ll need to fit racing tyres to enter. Also, be aware of the high tyre wear (10x) and fuel consumption (9x) ratings.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges 30 November World Touring Car 800
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Weekly Challenges are an easy way to earn credit bonuses. This week’s challenges have lower credit prize rewards, however: completing one event earns you a 100,000 credit ticket while completing three will give you a 200,000 credit ticket. Ticking off all five challenges will earn you a Five-Star Roulette ticket. You only need to finish third or above to complete each challenge and earn these bonus regards.

You can also check out this week's GT7 Daily Races.

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