Gran Turismo 7: What do all of the symbols in the home menu represent?

Gran Turismo 7 is well on its way now and will launch in early 2022. We've seen two full-length trailers for GT7 already, both of which showed off the new home menu. There are a bunch of features here, some new and a lot returning, but what does each of them mean?

Some of these are real head-scratchers, but we've spent hours researching what each of them could symbolise. Here's our preliminary guide to GT7's home menu!

The wideshot

GT home GT7
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There are a total of fifteen logos that we can see in the home menu in the second trailer. We'll go from left to right and give our take on what each of them represents. Most will be for features we've seen before or those that have been announced. However, some will be for features that we've not heard anything about, so we'll give out best guess.

There is of course the risk that these will change before the launch of the game, but we wouldn't expect wholesale alterations.

Scapes (Photo mode)

GT7 home menu photo mode
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GT's photo mode is the envy of other racing games. We've already had a lot of locations revealed for GT7's Photo Mode and it's no surprise we found it easily in the home menu. This is where you can select a backdrop and take photos of your cars.


GT7 menu logo 1
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This is admittedly a guess, but we're stumped with this symbol. There's an image of an arrow in a target and a circus tent, both things we haven't seen before in the GT series. With how much new content there is in GT7, this could well be the place to play some minigames and wind down.


GT7 home menu logo 3
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We know what this symbol represents from the first trailer we saw for GT7 last year. This is the Discover menu, but what it actually does isn't clear. As GT7 is such a massive game brimming with content, it could be that this is a search function to find races, circuits, cars, etc...

GT World

GT7 home menu logo 4
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In the first GT7 trailer, there was an option for GT World. We don't see any globe option here, so it could be that it's this plane instead. The clip in the trailer seems to back this up, as you appear to fly to Japan to select which track you want to race around. This is where you'd go to travel around the world and compete in exciting races.

Driving School

GT7 home menu logo 5
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GT Sport's Driving School is expected to make a return in GT7 and we're fairly certain that this is the logo for it. This is where beginners will come to hone their skills by learning the basics of driving and racing.


GT7 home menu logo 6
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You could mistake this for the settings menu, but we're pretty sure that this is where you go to work on the internals of your car. Things such as the engine, suspension, turbocharger etc... can all be modified here.

GT Cafe

GT7 home menu logo 7
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A new game mode for GT7 is the GT Cafe. It's been revealed that the aim of this new feature is for the player to collect cars to earn rewards. New character Luca guides you through the GT Cafe and tells you automotive history while he's at it.


GT7 home menu logo 8
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This is the home menu, but that doesn't mean that there won't be a home within a home in GT7. There's a shot in the second trailer that appears to show an office with photos of cars in it. We believe this is your "home" in GT7 and this will be the menu to access it.

The home will also be your garage (hence the logo image) and you'll be able to change which car you're racing in here.


GT7 home menu logo 9
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To complement the tuning section, there will also be the customisation mode. This is where you go to alter the aspects of your car that won't significantly affect the performance. Spoilers, body kits, colours and rims (like the logo) can all be altered here.

Brand Central

GT7 home menu logo 11
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A play of words on the Grand Central Railway Station in New York City, Brand Central is your go-to when it comes to purchasing new cars. This was where you could buy any car in the game in GT Sport, as long as you had enough credits. GT7 could see that change though, as we expect some of the higher-end cars to not be available here.

Used cars

GT7 home menu logo 10
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Something we've not seen for quite a few GT titles is the ability to buy used cars instead of new ones. If you're on a budget, this is the dealership you'd need to go to, to find the ride you're looking for.


GT7 home menu logo 12
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The building by the beach represents multiplayer in GT7. This is the option you need to play against your friends, as well as representing the place to see and compare your stats with your friends on PSN.

High-end car dealership

GT7 home menu logo 13
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We're not sure what this mode will be called, but we're pretty sure what it represents. There's a section in the trailer where it shows this building, with your guide Sarah saying "Did I mention that this is quite an exclusive place? Only a chosen few drivers even get to hear about it".

This is where the most expensive and rarest cars will be found, but prepare to fork out seven or eight-figure sums to purchase them.

GT Sport Live

GT7 home menu logo 14
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In the first trailer, we saw that there was a GT Sport Live option in the home menu. As this is a broadcast truck, we're going to guess that this is it. This has nothing to do with the game GT Sport, but rather the esports side of GT. Instead of having to go to a streaming service, you'll be able to watch the GT esports tournaments live in-game.


GT7 home menu logo 15
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Your guess is as good as ours with this one. In GT4, Polyphony used a graphic of the Colosseum to represent European races, but we're pretty sure that's not what this is. We'd love for this to be the track creator feature, but that doesn't fit the logo we see here.

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