Gran Turismo: Happy Birthday and all of the franchise's best bits!

There are some franchises that, as racing game lovers, we have to love.

One such series is Gran Turismo. A series that we have sunk many hours into, and absolutely loved every second.

Now, let's take a look back at our favourite moments from the history of the Gran Turismo franchise!

Gran Turismo

We couldn't start without the main game itself. The original Gran Turismo.

GT 1997
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SIMPLE BEGINNINGS: The franchise began in 1997!

The title released in 1997, and was immediately a massive success. For the time, the sound, graphics and physics of the vehicles were unmatched.

It is the highest rated racing videogame of all time, with an aggregate score of 95%.

Not only this, but it also sold nearly 11 million copies, an incredible figure for the first in a franchise!

First Event

The Gran Turismo Championship is a phenomenal spectacle. Racers travel from around the world to compete.

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ESPORTS: The GT Championship is partnered with the FIA!

The Championship is now even officially certified by the FIA, and has paved the way for some real world racers.

Gran Turismo stream the event in six languages on their YouTube channel.

Drivers now compete in both a Nations Cup and a Manufacturers Series. Manufacturers include BMW, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota and more.

Following the inception of such a huge event, it's awesome to see how far the franchise has come!


We also know Gran Turismo for its innovation, with each game bringing exciting new features to the table.

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UPGRADES: GT4 made great strides in the way of graphics!

For example, games quickly advanced beyond those of competitors, as Gran Turismo 3 and 4 had cars made of up to 4,000 polygons.

By Gran Turismo 5, Polyphony Digital were making cars out of half a million...!

The game also has 7 world records, including largest number of cars in a racing game. With the market now incredibly large and diverse, that's one hell of a record to have!

GT Academy

Finally, we have to give a special mention to the GT Academy.

GT Academy
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FUTURE STARS: The GT Academy has found some awesome racers!

This is a driver discovery program partnered with Nissan, with drivers such as Jann Mardenborough discovered in 2011.

Many winners go on to compete in real-life racing teams, with some GT Academy teams even being barred entry to certain Series's for being too fast!

All we know is, the series has given us some incredible racing talent. It is a true testament to the quality of Gran Turismo as a game and a sim!

Special Mention

We couldn't finish such a special list without a special mention. This time, it's a true theatre of dreams.

GT7 Trial Mountain
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ICONIC: Trial Mountain has been in the game since the very start!

That's right, Trial Mountain.

A real iconic track that is unique to the Gran Turismo, Trial Mountain is hands down one of the defining features of the Gran Turismo franchise.

Whether it's the infamous final corner shortcut, or the tracks phenomenal setting, we all have one special memory here.

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