Gran Turismo series celebrates major sales milestone on 25th anniversary

Gran Turismo reaches its 25th anniversary this month. To celebrate, Polyphony Digital has released a special Gran Turismo 25th anniversary trailer showcasing the evolution of the series.

Gran Turismo celebrates impressive sales milestone

In a heartfelt message to fans on PlayStation Blog, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi announced the Gran Turismo series has surpassed 90 million sales since the first game on the original PlayStation changed racing games forever in December 1997.

Gran Turismo 25th anniversary
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“In the last 25 years, the cumulative sales total of the series have reached over 90 million copies as of November 16, 2022. And this result is something that could not be accomplished by ourselves alone,” he said.

“Behind that 90 million figure, there are all the people of the media who conveyed the allure of Gran Turismo to their readers. There are the people of PlayStation who sold GT for us around the world with passion, and there is the incredible amount of support from the retailers who interfaced with our users.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of them for their support.

And above all else, I can’t ever thank enough the GT users and people of the GT community who have played our new titles, which at times could be said to have been very experimental.

We are here today because of all the people who supported us.”

Gran Turismo 25th anniversary
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Yamauchi went on to say he believes the “pursuit of beauty” is the “motivation for creating Gran Turismo.”

“The beauty of the cars, the beauty of the scenery, the beauty of the lighting, the beauty of driving, the beauty of sounds / music and the beauty of the graphics.

The ‘pursuit of beauty” is the motivation for creating Gran Turismo. We have newfound determination to continue our progress into the future with a strong sense of purpose. We appreciate all of your support over the last 25 years. Thank you."

Gran Turismo 25th anniversary trailer

It’s fair to say the Gran Turismo games have come a long way over the last 25 years, from cars made up of 300 polygons on PS1 to the photorealistic car models and environments in modern Gran Turismo games.

In that time, the Vision GT program has led to manufacturers creating exclusive concept cars for Gran Turismo, while the GT Academy has turned gamers into real racing drivers.

To celebrate the series’ legacy, a new Gran Turismo 25th anniversary trailer showcases the evolution of the series over the last 25 years.

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