Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races 11 October: European road trip

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It's Monday, which means it is Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races day!


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While we wait patiently, or impatiently, for Gran Turismo 7, the Daily Races provide plenty of opportunity to go wheel-to-wheel on the track. Let's see where we will be racing this week!

Table of Contents

Race A

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - East II - 3 laps

The first race is a quick three-lapper around Lago Maggiore in a specially provided car, which means it is accessible for everyone!

GT Sport Daily Race 11 October Lago Maggiore
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QUICK HIT: Qualifying will be crucial to win this one

Players will be racing on Hard Sports tyres with a 12-car grid start. There is no fuel consumption or tyre wear to worry about, nor is there any mechanical damage. Off-track grip reduction is real, and the slipstream is weak for this one.


Race B

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Grand Prix Layout - 4 laps

Then we are off to Spain for four laps at the home of the Spanish Grand Prix.

GT sport barcelona
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TECHNICAL WIZARD: You will need to be on-point around Barcelona

Race B puts us into our favourite Gr. 4 car on Medium Racing tyres. Again there is no fuel consumption or tyre wear to worry about, but this time it is a 16-car rolling start, so qualifying will be crucial!

Off-track grip reduction and slipstream are set to real, so getting into the draft down the pit straight will be crucial.


Race C

Sardegna - Road Track A II - 12 laps

Race C takes us back to Italy and puts us out for 12 laps around Sardegna in Gr. 2 cars!

GT Sport sardegna
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RACE OF ATTRITION: Not everyone will keep it on the island for 12 laps

You will have a mandated pitstop in this one, having to run both the Racing Soft and Racing Medium tyres. This 20-car rolling start race will be a test for everyone involved as it comes with 2x fuel consumption and 7x tyre wear, so looking after the strategy will be vital.

Like Race B, off-track grip reduction and slipstream are on real.