Gran Turismo Sport Ulitmate Guide: Campaign, Multiplayer, Drifting & more

Gran Turismo is one of the most beloved racing franchises ever created.

Polyphony's PlayStation exclusive has been a big hit with players thanks to its focus on multiplayer and online racing. Now, the game is even being included in the Virtual Olympics.

It may be a few years old now, but with Gran Turismo 7 pushed into 2022, its lifespan will be much longer than expected. So if you are just getting into Gran Turismo Sport this is the guide you need!

GT Sport Olympic Time Trials

The Olympic Virtual Series has confirmed that sim-racing will be included. Luckily for us, that includes Gran Turismo Sport.

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To qualify, there are two steps. The first is to nail a Time trial event, with players having until 14:59 UTC on 23 May to post a lap time.

Subsequently, the top 16 players will go through, with 7 from EMEA region, 4 from Asia, 2 from North America and Central/South America and 1 from Oceania. After that, the final races will take place on 6 June.

Campaign mode

While the game does focus on multiplayer, you can still play by yourself against the AI.

Plenty of new GT Sport players ask how to start campaign mode, but really there isn't one in the game.

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TAKE ON THE WORLD:: You'll never run out of challengers on GT Sport, with millions of global players

Under the campaign tab you can get to the GT League, which will set you off in some races that get progressively harder and require new and expensive cars to compete in.

There is an arcade mode for players to dive into, where you can set up races against the AI on tracks and in cars of your choice, as long as you've unlocked them!


Joining friends in Gran Turismo isn't that simple. You have to unlock multiplayer by completing "What Is Sportsmanship" and watching the improper driving examples video.

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PROOF YOURSELF: They don't let just anyone race online, though it can sometimes feel like it!

Once that is unlocked you will of course need PlayStation Plus to play online. Then you can set up a private event and invite your friends to a race.

Split-screen multiplayer

Thankfully, you can still play two-player Gran Turismo Sport on the same couch!

Simply select 2 Player Battle to get into offline multiplayer. Here you can selects tracks & cars, as well as race conditions which allow up to 200 laps.

Tuning & setup

Some races have fixed setups, where you can't alter the performance or handling of your car.

Others though, do allow some tinkering. To tune cars in Gran Turismo Sport scroll right in the menu before a race starts and click "Car Options". There you can tinker with gear ratios and ride height, all of which are track dependent and shouldn't be messed with before you have reached a consistent performance level.

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PIMP MY RIDE: Getting your favourite car to go even faster is one of the great things about GT games

To make your car faster in GT Sport head to "Car Settings" on the home tab and dive into the cars you own.

The best thing to do is level up the Power Level and Weight Reduction Level.

Drifting in GT Sport

Drifting is a big part of Gran Turismo, with specific Drift Trials set to challenge your car control and ability to handle the pressure.

Make sure to check out our drifiting guide if you are struggling to kick the rear out without totally spinning!

Setting up a wheel

Making the jump from pad to wheel can be daunting, but it's pretty easy in Gran Turismo Sport.

Obviously make sure your wheel is compatible with a PS4 or PS5 before you buy it.

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IDEAL STARTER: The Logitech G923 is a great piece of kit to get going

Once it arrives though, it's just a matter of securing it to a desk or stand in front of your monitor and plugging it into the console.

Our step-by-step wheel guide will take you through how to adjust the force feedback and set your wheel up, but the game has plenty of presets for different types of wheels that are good to use.

Just make sure you practice lots to get your pace up!

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