How to play 2 player Gran Turismo Sport

As we always say, racing games are best enjoyed with others, most often with some great online multiplayer gameplay.

However, sometimes, your mate has come round and you just want to race each other one-on-one.

So, let's take a look at how you can race in a 2-player local multiplayer format on Gran Turismo Sport!

Play with a friend - split-screen

Sometimes, there's no other option but to show your mate who is boss and beat them in a true 1v1 race.

GT Sport SuperGT
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TIME FOR A RACE: Which friend will you be challenging to a duel?

To do so, you'll have to do what is called a '2 Player Battle', an offline local multiplayer mode. When you do so, the screen will be split vertically.

Next, the two drivers simply need to select their choice of car and track, and get racing! It should be noted that you can change the race conditions using the small icon in the top left, and you can't race in an endurance race (but you can do 200-lap races...!)

Playing online

If you want to, GT Sport is a game built around online play. You can do so with friends or just against anyone online in Daily Races.

GT Sport Gr. 3 2
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BETTER TOGETHER: Racing is always more fun in a group!

You can make online private lobbies with friends to race against them also. If you don't know how to do so, we've got everything you need to know here!

Online races can take any form. Want to do a hardcore race against your mates? Go for it! Want to go drifting with your mates? You can do that also!

Gran Turismo 7

Unfortunately for us, as fans of the franchise, our beloved GT7 has been delayed.

GT7 Gulf
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VISUALS: The game still looks phenomenal from trailers!

With the game now launching in 2022 rather than this year, we have plenty of time to wait also.

Still, we’re sure the title will be a smash hit when it does launch!

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