How to make your car faster in Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is all about winning, and having the fastest car in each race certainly helps.

But is it possible to make your car even faster? Is tuning your car something you can do in the game? Yes to both, and we're here to show you how!

Level up

First of all, you need to make sure you're on the "CAR SETTINGS" screen via the HOME tab. Here is where you can take a closer look at the cars you've purchased.

The most straight-forward way of upgrading your car's speed is by levelling up the POWER LEVEL and WEIGHT REDUCTION LEVEL. You'll need to spend Mileage Points to do this.

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ON THE LEVEL: Power Level and Weight Reduction Level can be upgraded here

This then allows you to adjust the car's POWER RATIO and WEIGHT REDUCTION RATIO (these are both set to 100% at default). As you increase these percentage sliders, keep an eye on your car's Max Speed, Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and Stability attributes in the bottom left side of the screen - they should increase or decrease.

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SLIDER TO THE RIGHT: Upping the Power Ratio will increase your car's speed

You'll also want to keep an eye on your car's grade if you're trying to tune it for a specific race. This is displayed in the top right hand corner and will read N300, N400, N500 etc, and is measured by its power output.

This should also make it easier to start drifting in GT Sport.


If you want to delve a little deeper into achieving the ultimate speed for your car, you're going to want to extend the gear ratios under the TRANSMISSION tab at the bottom of the CAR SETTINGS screen.

To put it simply, a higher ratio will provide extra top speed rather than better acceleration. But be careful when you're tuning the gears; if they’re tuned incorrectly, it can be detrimental to the overall performance of your car.


Tyres are extremely important in all types of motorsport, and choosing the right kind of tyre in GT Sport can make a lot of difference.

Tyre compounds in the game range from super soft through to hard, with super soft tyres providing the most amount of grip - meaning you can be faster around corners - but they also wear away rather quickly. On the contrary, hard tyres have the least amount of grip but will last a lot longer.

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SUPER SOFT: Tyre compounds can make a lot of difference


In general, it is better for the car to be lower, and closer to the ground. Adjusting your car's RIDE HEIGHT under the SUSPENSION tab can alter the downforce levels of the car.

Increasing the downforce level will push the car down and give it more grip, but too much downforce will slow your vehicle down meaning you’ll be easily overtaken on the straights.

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GET LOW: Push the car closer to the track to improve grip

Armed with all this it should be easy to join your friends in a race and leave them in your dust!

Gran Turismo 7

The arrival of Gran Turismo 7 is still on the horizon, although it was recently announced that the release of the game will be delayed until 2022.

So for now, let's enjoy the announcement trailer from last year!

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