Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.63 OUT NOW: Patch notes, penalty system & more

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After the news of delays for Gran Turismo 7, a big update for Gran Turismo Sport is perfectly timed.

The 1.63 update is rolling out now, with several big changes for players to get used to.

So, let's take a look at this surprise update for Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo Sport update 1.63

The last update, 1.62, dropped all the way back in November of last year and added the Toyota GR Yaris. This one does a bit more housekeeping.

GT Sport Real TN
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NEW CONTENT: We're excited to see what this latest update adds!

Let's dive into the patch notes...

GT Sport update 1.63 patch notes

The first part of the update addresses some of the problems with the much malgined penalty system.

  • Addressed an issue where minor collisions resulted in penalties
  • Adjusted an algorithm to decrease the number of penalties issued when the internet connection environment is poor

This will be warmly welcomed by the GT Sport community, as long as it doesn't let too much dirty driving back into the online scene.

Over in Sport Mode a few things have been changed.

  • The number of regions for the Manufacturer Series has been changed from five to three
  • The regions now consist of Europe/Middle East/Africa; the Americas, and Asia-Oceania
  • The Nations Cup will continue to be hosted in five regions

Other changes include recalculating the time loss for pitstops on a number of tracks, and adjusting the point of full brake application for the Logitech G923 wheel. And of course there is the "verious other issues have been addressed" part of the patch notes!

Balance of Performance

The update brings a huge number of balance of performance changes into the game.

You can find the full list of Gr. 1-4 and Gr. B cars here.

There was also a BoP change for the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept. The Power is dropped to 524HP, and weight increased to 2,811 lbs.

New content in GT Sport

As we can see from the patch notes, no new content has been added to GT Sport.

GT Sport GR Yaris
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NEW VEHICLES: The Toyota GR Yaris was the most recent addition!

We haven't seen a new track in the game for over a year, since the legendary Laguna Seca was added in December of 2019. So fans were hopeful we would finally see a new track coming to the game, but alas it wasn't to be.

GT Sport Daily Races

Thankfully, to keep the game exciting each and every week for us, we get new Daily Races to take part in.

GT Sport Gr1
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HARD TO HANDLE: Group C and LMP-1 cars are true beasts!

This week's races take some of the racing offroad, with Subaru and Mitsubishi ruling the offroad scene.

Similarly, there is a time trial that we have all been waiting for currently. This is Spa-Francorchamps in any LMP-1 or Group C car of your choice, a terrific circuit in a monster of a vehicle.

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