GT Sport Time Trials: New Time Trials added, Spa-Francorchamps & more!

Much like the GT Sport Daily Races, the GT Sport Time Trials are just as highly anticipated.

This time, there's a slight change to the usual proceedings, as the event has been replaced with just a single time tiral.

Don't fear, however, as the event in question is a highly requested track and car combo indeed!

Time Trial - Spa-Francorchamps

If you hadn't managed to guess already, the time trial for the next two weeks is at the iconic Belgian track, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

GT Sport Spa
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ICONIC: This track is truly legendary!

Thankfully, we'll be here in a car that truly does the circuit some justice. That's right, we'll be here in a Group 1 beats.

Of course, we can use any Group 1 vehicle that we want to use. We can use any era of vehicle as well, so obviously now we have to make the big decision between a modern LMP1 beast or a Group C monster.

LMP or Group C

The main distinction between the two classes of vehicle classed as Group 1 is their age.

GT Sport Gr1
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GROUP 1: These cars always mean business!

The older Group C cars are incredibly fast in a straight line, although, Spa isn't home to too many straights.

However, we can also use LMP1 cars. These still have awesome speed in a straightline but are also phenomenal in the corners. Undoubtedly, if you're looking to challenge the top of those leaderboards, you'll be needing to use the 2016 Audi R18.

Other settings

Finally, there aren't many other factors that you as the player can control other than the car selection.

GT Sport Nurburgring
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AROUND THE WORLD: GT Sport Time Trials have featured a variety of circuits!

Firstly, BOP is on, so none of the Vision vehicles (which yes, you can use) are too overpowered. Similarly, all the vehicles are on Racing Medium tyres, so just get lapping!

The game mode is a Time Trial global competition, so you can see your time compared to the entire world, rather than just in your region. This will run through until 25 February when it will then be replaced with another!

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