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Logitech G923: How to connect your wheel to PC, Troubleshooting & more!

The Logitech G920 and G29 were recently surpassed this year by the G923.

The latest wheel from Logitech is a step up from the previous iteration and has features like Trueforce feedback.

However, a number of owners have experienced issues when connecting the wheel to their PC.

We've got all the information you need to fix that, right here!

Connecting to PC

Firstly, and as annoying as it sounds, check your connections. This includes making sure you're USB is plugged into a USB 3.1.

f1 2020 austria
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F1 2020: We'll have you racing in no time!

Similarly, ensure your power adapter is also plugged into the wall, as a single powered USB 3.1 port can't provide enough power.

If you have already followed these steps, here are some more things you can try.

Logitech G Hub

Another step to complete is to install Logitech G Hub.

LGHub G923
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THE G HUB: This is where your G923 should appear

This is Logitech's own software which will detect your wheel and pedals, and let you use them in games.

If not installed, sometimes your game of choice won't recognise the wheel, which can (obviously) be an issue!

Logitech G Hub fix

If G Hub still doesn't detect the wheel, try a fresh install.

It is possible that your existing wheel is overwriting any settings that the G923 would be using, making the wheel invisible to the software.

F1 2020 G923 wheel
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NO INPUTS: You will likely be met with this message, but don't worry!

If this still doesn't work, try installing Logitech Game Software also, as this may help detect your wheel and pedals.

Still not working?

For those playing F1 2020, it is possible that your wheel still isn't being detected as G923.

For this you can verify your game's Steam files. This should help find any bugs in F1 2020.

If this doesn't work, our final recommendation is to try and use the preset Xbox Fanatec Universal Hub device option.

Good luck out there, and happy racing!

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