How to use a steering wheel with Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is the ultimate driving and racing simulator - and perhaps the best way to immerse yourself in the game's overall experience is by using a racing steering wheel.

So are you ready to feel like a real racer? Follow our guide below and soon you'll be putting the pedal to the metal... literally!

Installation and settings

Installing a steering wheel to your console should be relatively straight-forward, and the following should only act as a general guide. To begin with, set up your steering wheel on a table or flat surface (this could even be your lap) in front of your gaming monitor or television screen.

You will need to be seated, with the pedals below your feet. Plug the wheel cable into a USB slot in your console, and make sure the pedals and wheel are connected by a wire.

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IN THE HOT SEAT: Learning the basics of Gran Turismo with a steering wheel can be tricky... at first

Settings for all controllers can be adjusted via the OPTIONS menu and can be found in CONTROLLERS from the Home Screen.

If you can, be sure to adjust the wheel's force feedback (more information on this below), wheel rotation, and the pedal's stiffness to suit your driving style - this may require some experimentation out on the track first!

Force feedback can be adjusted from the Pre-Race menu under DRIVING OPTIONS. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this menu until you reach Advanced Settings, and here you will find the settings for the Controller.

Force Feedback Max Torque and Force Feedback Sensitivity can be adjusted here, with higher Max Torque essentially adding more resistance when cornering sharply, while lower settings will provide less resistance.

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FEEL THE FORCE: Adjusting your settings can really help you begin to master your steering wheel setup

Force Feedback Sensitivity is the point at which the steering wheel begins to provide force feedback - with the higher the number, the more sensitive and responsive this function will become, while lower settings will reduce wheel movement when driving on the straight.

Getting started and getting better

Upgrading from a regular gaming controller to a steering wheel will take some getting used to - and it might be frustrating at first!

Don't be surprised if it takes a few weeks (and not just a few races) to get the hang of racing with a wheel. Keep things smooth to begin with and spend plenty of time practicing; competing in the game's Time Trial mode is particularly useful for this or even racing against a trusted friend in split screen play, and it may help if you practice at tracks you're more familiar with, too.

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WHAT A VIEW: Feel like a real racer with the cockpit view

One other small tip will be to change your camera setting. Most people playing with a controller will the set the camera up behind the car, while others using a steering wheel will prefer a cockpit view. You can press the R1 Button to change the view.

Gran Turismo 7

You'll have to wait for the arrival of Gran Turismo 7 after it was recently announced that the release of the next game has been delayed until 2022.

So for now, let's enjoy the announcement trailer from last year!

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