Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races 4 October: Around the world

Here at RacingGames.GG we are hyped for the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, but that doesn't mean we are done with Gran Turismo Sport just yet!

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It's Monday, which means a new set of Daily Races has hit the PlayStation racer. What can drivers expect this week?

Race A

Red Bull Ring Short Track - 7 laps

The first race of the week takes us to the incredible Red Bull Ring, but this time, the short track version. As usual, this is in a specially provided car, this time from the GRX Category.

GT Sport red Bull Ring
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The circuit is very short, so you'll have 7 laps of action here. You will be on medium racing tyres, with real off-track slowing, a weak slipstream, and a grid start.

Race B

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - 3 laps

We're staying in Europe for the second race this week, as we head to Spa in Belgium. You'll get to select a Gr.3 car from your garage for this one, so be sure to have a good selection ready!

GT Sport Spa
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The only regulation here is that you are on the medium racing tyre. Spa can be a very technical track, so be sure to get some practice in before jumping straight into the racing.

Race C

Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa-Miyabi II - 8 laps

We round out the week with yet another race in Japan, this time at Kyoto Driving park for 8 laps of action. You can do this race in any Gr.4 car from your garage, so choose wisely.

GT sport kyoto driving park
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There is a mandatory pitstop in this race, however, only the Racing Hard tyres are available for use. Fuel consumption is set to 2x and tyre wear is 4x.

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