Gran Turismo Sport Shuts Down Online Services

Gran Turismo Sport Shuts Down Online Services

Gran Turismo Sport Shuts Down Online Services

It's a sad day for Gran Turismo Sport fans. Over six years after its initial release, Polyphony Digital has shut down Gran Turismo Sport’s servers for good with the release of the latest patch update, beginning the game’s end-of-life status.

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.69 removes online services

As of today, all of Gran Turismo Sport’s multiplayer features and game modes are no longer accessible. This means you can no longer access modes such as Community, Open Lobby, and the titular Sport mode. Unfortunately, this means you can also no longer browse or download custom liveries. Any cars in your garage with a custom livery will be restored to their original colour.

Sadly, you can't even buy the game digitally anymore as GT Sport was delisted from the PlayStation Store earlier this month without warning.

Thankfully, GT Sport’s single-player modes are still playable offline, including the GT League campaign mode and previously purchased downloadable content.

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In other good news, Polyphony Digital has removed GT Sport’s online connection requirement, so you now save campaign progress offline. This bodes well for Gran Turismo 7’s future preservation.

Currently, GT7 requires an online connection to access single-player modes like the GT Café and livery editor. This move gives us hope that GT7’s single-player campaign will be preserved when the servers are eventually shut down unlike Ubisoft's The Crew, which was recently delisted and will be unplayable when the servers are taken offline in March. 

The most polarising Gran Turismo

Launched in March 2017 as a PS4 exclusive, Gran Turismo Sport divided fans. With a focus on competitive online esports, it remains the most polarising game in the series. In the world of esports racing, Gran Turismo Sport broke new ground, with the Gran Turismo World Series championship sanctioned by the FIA.

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But this new direction divided fans who wanted a traditional Gran Turismo experience. Despite being the first Gran Turismo game on PS4, Gran Turismo Sport launched with fewer cars than GT6 and no campaign mode. Instead, single-player modes were limited to Mission Challenges and a Driving School.

This changed in 2020 when an update added the GT League campaign mode following fan requests, but it was limited compared to past games.

GT Sport was always seen as a spin-off rather than a mainline sequel and has since been overshadowed by Gran Turismo 7, which offers a broader campaign and more cars and tracks while retaining Sport Mode. 

Despite this, many fans have fond memories of GT Sport. “I can't even put into words how genuinely life changing this game was for me,” YouTuber Super GT wrote on X. “It single handedly transformed me from being a part timer YouTuber with 60k subscribers to full time with 660k."

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