Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.65 adds penalty adjustment to Sport Mode

Gran Turismo Sport is one of the most played racing titles around right now.

PlayStation fans may be keen to get their hands on Gran Turismo 7, but Polyphony hasn't forgotten about GT Sport while they develop the new title.

In the latest update they made a very welcome change.

Olympic Virtual Series

The main content for update 1.65 comes in Sport Mode, as Polyphony creates a better environment for the Olympic Virtual Series, in which Gran Turismo Sport will be used.

GT sport
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COMPETITION READY: Elite competition has been a high priority for Polyphony

This is great, but doesn't do much for the daily player base of the game who have been longing for other updates. Though one part of that may have also been addressed...

Penalty system fix

The penalties in GT Sport have long been a sore point for much of the community.

Polyphony seem to have fixed some of that with this update 1.65, to quote their release:"The penalty judgement algorithm has been adjusted so that severe penalties are no longer issued due to differences in internet network environments."

GT Sport Penalty
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FIXING IT: Polyphony has at least taken one step toward fixing the penalty system

Not getting a severe penalty just for your internet connection is a nice boost to those that love to play but don't have the ultra-fast connection others do. However, why did it take this long!?

Balance of Performance update

Polyphony is usually very forthright and clear when it comes to the BoP updates, but not this time.

In the latest update the only statement about BoP changes was that "adjustments to the fuel consumption ratio of Gr. 3 and Gr. 4 cars" was made. Adjustments that make them more efficent, or more thirsty? Who knows!

I guess we'll have to jump into the game and put some laps in to see truly what changes have occured here.

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