GT Sport Time Trials 22 April - Suzuka, Group 1, Alsace, & more!

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One of the main ways that GT Sport remains so playable is through consistent updates to ways to compete and race each other.

As well as new Daily Races every week, we also get treated to the global equivalent, with new Time Trials.

So, let's take a look at the latest Time Trials to join Gran Turismo Sport now!

Time Trial A

The first new Time Trial to join the game is a pretty awesome mix of track and vehicle. Firstly, you'll be in Group 1 vehicle of your choice.

GT Sport Suzuka
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SUZUKA: This iconic track has held plenty of races in the past!

The tyres you'll be using are racing hard, with Balance of Performance turned on. Unfortunately for those of you out there who are hoping to apply a lightning-fast setup to your car, settings are fixed.

You'll be racing this Group 1 car at Suzuka circuit. Get ready for some laps on the edge of your seat as you race around the infamous Japanese circuit.

Time Trial B

The next Time Trial that you'll be taking part in is an LF-LC GT Super Lap. That means you'll be taking just the LF-LC GT for a few laps on track.

GT Sport LC LF
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VISION CARS: The LC-LF GT is phenomenal on the track!

You'll be hotlapping at the Alsace - Village circuit, which is well suited to the car. As with the first time trial this week, you'll be on Racing Hard tyres for the laps you attempt.

This time, your car's settings are adjustable, which means that you can have a custom setup. As such, make sure you've got the best setup for the car and track combo!

Remember, as always, these Time Trials see you competing on a global scale. This is a great chance to see where you stack up against the wider GT Sport player base, so get your racing hat on.

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