GT Sport Daily Races 17 January: Splashing around at Spa

Another week, another set of GT Sport Daily Races!

This week takes us to three fun tracks, albeit with rain at one of them. With Gran Turismo 7 just weeks away its important to keep your eye in with GT Sport so you can hit the ground running when the new game arrives.

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Let's see what's on offer this week...

Race A

Tsukuba Circuit - 6 laps

The first race of the week takes us to Tsukuba Circuit in a specially provided car.

This 6-lap, 12 car race has a grid start and runs on Sports Hard tyres.

There is a weak slipstream along with real off-course traction and no fuel consumption or tyre wear.

Race B

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - Center II - 10 laps

The next race sees us hit Lago Maggiore for 10 laps.

The 16-car field has a rolling start and will race on the Racing Medium tyre. You can choose to race in any Gr.4 car from your garage.

gt sport maggiore
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ROLLING HILLS: GT Sport has several beautiful tracks, Lago Maggiore is among them

There is real slipstream & off-course traction loss to deal with. As well as no fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Race C

Spa-Francorchamps - 7 laps - Rain

The final race of the weekend takes us to Spa where, of course, it is raining.

There is a free choice of Gr.3 cars from your garage for this 7-lap race. The 20-car field will have a grid start with false start check.

gt sport spa francorchamps
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THE CHALLENGE AHEAD: Spa is an amazing track, but it isn't easy

There is also 2x fuel consumption and 5x tyre wear to contend with, however there is no manditory pitstop. You can use a tyre range from heavy wet to intermediate, so you might need a few goes at this to get the balance just right.

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